What The Current Educational System Lacks Is Teaching Wealth

We’re sent away as young adults, into the world as prepared as possible. The basic educational institutions, the schools that we attend, is where we’re taught the facts of life, this to become contributing citizens to society. But what did we really learn about money. Were we ever taught how to generate wealth.

We’re herded into the classrooms, and taught subjects such as language, mathematics, history, science, social studies, religion, along with others like cooking and physical education. All which are important and vital for us, to become functioning adult human beings.

Some option to get post secondary education, …

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The Requisites Of Escaping The Rat Race To Become Your Own Boss

What we learn early in life is structure, this from school. The routine 9-to-3 sets us up, for a life of working for a living as adults. So because of this, not everyone is capable of working independently to earn money. Many need the predictability and the security, of a regular job and paycheck.

So the majority, will devote their lives to the traditional 9-to-5 grind, the workforce, and comply to the employer/employee relationship, where we can thrive under stable and secure working conditions. Many prefer to receive direction from their boss, support from their co-workers, and the guaranteed …

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Why People Buy Begins With Influencing Them To Take Action

So how do you get your prospects to take action. It comes down to persuasion. Think of the traditional door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners, life insurance, or magazine subscriptions. They knew the triggers on why people buy. The knew the exact psychological buttons to push.

This isn’t about aggressive strong arm tactics, or being manipulative. It’s more about using common sense, such as never approaching someone regarding an important decision, when they’re angry. Every wife knows how to soothe their husband into a better mood, before requesting what they want.

Children are the masters of this, as they know …

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Welcome To The New Economy Which Is Working From Home

Imagine the new work day, as the scent of cranberry muffins flood your kitchen, while sipping a cup of freshly ground coffee as you turn on your laptop. Gone are the days of rushing traffic and people hurriedly going in all directions, pushing and shoving on the subway, battling their way to work.

You’re glad that you made the shift to work from home, where the workforce is trending towards, this especially for millennials. This since everything can now be performed online: ecommerce, sales, marketing, etc. There’s no longer a need to rush to your cubicle at an office …

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To Generate Money Is Understanding The Law Of Multiplication

What’s known for certain, is that everything in life will always conform itself to general science. Everything eventually aligns with the universe. Nothing random really ever happens, everything has a purpose, for that event to occur. At times, the reason why these things happen, may never be known.

Everything that’s on the physical realm abides to, and are influenced by these laws of the universe. So these principles can be applied to your life, to your business. One of the core laws which has existed from the beginning of time, is multiplication, as it exists everywhere in nature. Everything …

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The Characteristics That The Most Successful Have In Common

There are common traits, that the most successful people among us have in common. What they’ll do is live their lives with a specific purpose. What’s found is there are similar behaviors, which aren’t that different from yours. The secret is there is no secret. All they do is take action.

What the stats show is there are 1000s of people around the world, who reaches that elusive millionaire status on a daily basis, which has become an obsession for many. What everyone wants is the freedom, the empowerment that it provides, this to do whatever they want. As …

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How Making Excuses Is Holding Back The Success You Deserve

getting rid of excusesThe thinking is that we’re all born successful, so we just need to follow the path, which will lead us to fulfill the potential that we’re meant to realize. Others claim that we become successful because of the choices we make, by directing the exact life that we want.

The most logical is we become successful based on the decisions we make in life, by sliding down our chosen rabbit holes. True, that some are born into more fortunate circumstances than others, but it’s up to the individual to ultimately chase success or not.

Some individuals will just happen …

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All You Need Is Specialized Knowledge To Attract Abundance

getting over the scarcity mindsetYou know in the back of your mind that it’s just common sense, something that you have in bushels, yet you remain resistant. You can’t force yourself to face the truth, thus holding yourself hostage in the mindset of despair.

You dismiss any type of embrace or help, ignore any one who willingly extends their hand to help you take the next step. You go to great lengths to hide, will jump consequences while avoiding mindfulness to escape, just to display your stupid ill-fated ignorance and big smug ego that’s not yet justified.

But sadly you have no idea …

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Guidelines On Starting A Trendy New Modern Day Business Today

start a new businessEvery business, whether just starting out or a Goliath, began with a single idea, a vision, which was infused with drive and passion. The biggest of the leaders of industry, all began with nothing but a thought form. They took this belief and the courage to create something.

Most began humble, usually with nothing but their determination, wondering what to do with their life. They depended on their devotion, what they loved to do, what made them the happiest, choosing what they wanted to pursue as an occupation, this on their own terms.

With persistence, a bit of luck …

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The Sacrificial Successful Edge That The Entrepreneurs Carry

doing things differentlyThe biggest trait of the most successful entrepreneurs is how they view the daily ritual of going to work, that they treat the “job” differently than others. They go to work with the intention of prospering, to make money, to make a difference.

These are the individuals, those who have proven to be a grade above others, have accomplished something, those who are successful, they go to work with the intention of getting something done. Then they’ll frantically work to make their daily goals a reality, and not just clock in their eight hours a day.

They have this …

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