All You Need Is Specialized Knowledge To Attract Abundance

What you know in the back of your mind is it’s just common sense thinking, something you have plenty of, yet you remain resistant. You can’t force yourself to face the truth on your faltering life. You continue to hold yourself hostage in a mindset of despair.

What you dismiss is any type of embrace or help, ignore any one who willingly extends their hand to help you take the next step.

You go to great lengths to hide, will jump to conclusions while avoiding mindfulness to escape.

You do so to display your ill-advised, ill-fated ignorance and big smug ego that’s not yet justified.

Yet sadly you have no idea what to do.

The perceived threat of scarcity appears real, because you don’t have any other information which invalidates that fear.

The key turning point is once you know the fear will diminish, as the confidence increases.

Things only appear limiting and scarce, because you fail to understand how they relate to your circumstances.

The reason is because you literally know nothing other than what you’re currently aware of. This ignorance needs to stop.

Lack Of Knowledge Reduces Options

Did you ever consider it’s your lack of knowledge or education that makes you appear ignorant.

Begin by opening your eyes, look around you at the abundance this world offers. All you need is to strategically participate.

Yet you insist on dwelling in the areas you have comfort in.

You think certain businesses, marketing methods, or delivering value doesn’t work, simply because you have no idea how they work.

Open Your Eyes Take A Look

Realize there are millions of people right now on this planet who are making massive amounts of money, yet you don’t know any of them.

They do less work than what you’re currently doing, as you scrape by surviving another day.

Realize the reason why money is so scarce to you, is because the universe doesn’t value your current methods of income generation.


This has nothing to do with you being a victim, or that life is being unfair, or you’re cursed.

Realize you need to come to these realizations first, that you’re doing things the wrong way, and then consciously begin to deal with them by phasing them out.

Your Lack Of Knowledge

Admit to yourself it’s your current lack of knowledge to the specific information you need, which is the driving force on why you’re not making money.

You need to consciously believe that your mind, body, and soul can’t accept abundance, until your current beliefs, your passive attitude, and lack of knowledge changes.

Before you understand the how and the why, any personal gain will continue to elude you, despite all of your best efforts.

Being Blind To Opportunity

Those who have a scarcity mindset thinks that “service to others” means serving authority or the public at large.

Although this may be technically correct, it’s flawed in the long run.

Once you rely on one source of income, especially the type where you need to physically be somewhere, you’re doomed.

What you’re doing is limiting your ability to find other opportunities which could fetch the same or more monetarily, usually with less effort.

A Perspective On Wealth Generation

So what’s your perspective when it comes to income and wealth generation.

Do you harbor disdain, have envy towards those who appears to do little work, yet are attracting massive amounts of money.

Is your frustration because you don’t understanding how value is utilized by others.

Are you still programmed to the limiting belief the harder or longer you work, the more you should be earning.

Nothing Wrong With Digging Ditches

Despite the hard labor and the sweat equity that those who physically dig ditches provide, they’re not paid lavishly based on their effort.

This regardless of the massive energy they expend, while they sweat away under the hot sun.

The reason being based on the hierarchy of jobs, society doesn’t value ditch diggers that highly, or else, they would be compensated much better.

Also, there are massive amounts of people if willing, who can dig ditches for money as no specialized skill is needed.

What this huge labor force of ditch diggers does, is further dilutes its value, as the laborer is commonly replaceable.

Now analogize what you’re currently doing to make money, to digging ditches. How easily replaceable are you.

Yet you fight with authority, argue with the greater gods of wealth deliverance that you deserve to be compensated like a rock star.

Why You Need To Specialize

First you need to believe you’re capable of generating more income than you’re currently making.

This can occur once you provide specialized value to others, and have the confidence to know it’s possible.

You can do so by becoming an entrepreneur.

First admit what’s stopping you from reaching your potential and earning more money, is the lack of specialized knowledge.

This however is a huge roadblock for many, resulting in apathy, aggravation, and complacency.

What many don’t have is the confidence or the belief they can earn more, once they learn more.

This is why most will remain stuck in the scarcity mindset.

The only way to dig yourself out is by educating yourself, so learn specific specialized information and then apply it.

Just Take Action

There really is no secret to success, other than bringing light towards the dark areas of your life.

Begin by losing that ego and pride, and choose to learn from others in the know, those who have been successful in the past.

You need new information in order to get better and advance, to make the money you deserve.

Your lack of taking action however, holds you back from knowing what you’re capable of.

Just fill in those gaps with knowledge, then your relationship with struggle will improve.

Know exactly what you want to do, then do so conscientiously while not getting discouraged.

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