All You Need Is Specialized Knowledge To Attract Abundance

What you know in the back of your mind is it’s just common sense thinking, something you have plenty of, yet you remain resistant. You can’t force yourself to face the truth on your faltering life. You continue to hold yourself hostage in a mindset of despair.

What you dismiss is any type of embrace or help, ignore any one who willingly extends their hand to help you take the next step.

You go to great lengths to hide, will jump to conclusions while avoiding mindfulness to escape.

You do …

How To Attract More Abundance In Your Life By Being Grateful

write down grateful thingsBeing grateful on a daily basis as a ritual, has shown to have positive effects which can last for weeks. Experts have known and advocated that it’s gratitude that is the passage. Personal development gurus have stated that showing gratitude is the exhale process to becoming successful, which attracts abundance.

So you’re wondering how to become more grateful yourself. It comes down to finding the infinite ways to say “thank you.” The opportunity for gratitude is abundantly available. It’s found impossible to run out of things to be grateful for, …

If The Universe Is So Abundantly Rich Then Why Am I So Poor

abundance of natureWhat most struggle with in this world are their issues with money. Financial problems, wondering why the world has been so unfair to them. But stop, look, take a look around and witness all of the abundance that’s abound.

Yet money is not a friend of yours. There you are, working your socks off, but it’s constantly money going out, and not enough of it coming in. You’re always waiting at the bread line, while there are others around you who appears to have everything, and anything that they’ve ever …