How To Attract More Abundance In Your Life By Being Grateful

write down grateful thingsBeing grateful on a daily basis as a ritual, has shown to have positive effects which can last for weeks. Experts have known and advocated that it’s gratitude that is the passage. Personal development gurus have stated that showing gratitude is the exhale process to becoming successful, which attracts abundance.

So you’re wondering how to become more grateful yourself. It comes down to finding the infinite ways to say “thank you.” The opportunity for gratitude is abundantly available. It’s found impossible to run out of things to be grateful for, this because the universe never stops supporting you.

Once things appear to go wrong, the universe is declaring that there’s more things to be grateful for. Yet, most feel that they’re being victimized, that the world is conspiring against them. Becoming grateful means that you’ll become more abundant in whatever you do.

To Be Grateful
There are a multitude of things that you can be grateful for right now, as gratitude is a choice. What choosing to be grateful does is activates feelings of positive thoughts.

You can be grateful for the technology you’re using, having food on the table, clothes to wear, the friends and family that care or at least think about you.

All that’s important is that it’s your choice to be grateful, starting with the small things that you might take for granted. Then envelope this in some capacity which can turn into a habit, which might take several weeks to accomplish.

To Become Grateful
If you ‘re not currently being grateful as you’re wanting to be, then start right now. If you currently have certain worries in your life, begin becoming grateful today.

What it will do is shift your current focus, allowing those problems that you’re facing, the one’s that have been festering inside of you, to be resolved or dissolved by gratitude.

The Habit Of Gratitude
The best way to start the habit of becoming grateful, this in a world that’s plagued by negativity for many, is to manually write things down using pen and paper.

What doing so does is activates the cortical brain to begin creating, which removes you from a state of arousal into a calm mindful composure. It will prompt you to think.

Write down on paper at least ten things that you could be grateful for right now. This even if you think there’s nothing to be grateful for. Doing so is similar to planting a seed which will alter your destiny. The changes may be subtle at first, but it’s guaranteed there will be changes.

Things To Be Grateful For
Take inventory of the feelings your holding on to, the things which holds little or no purpose. Issues that you complain, worry, or gain sympathy about. Problems which are created by you and no one else.

What keeping a gratitude journal does is contributes as a reminder. This by acknowledging all the events, things, and the people in your life you appreciate, who gets you out of that “whining” mood and into a happier mode, this by increasing your vibration.

Attracting Things To You
What’s known about attraction is what you focus on the most, is what’s drawn towards you. If you ever have doubts about this, then give it a try.

What’s for certain is you wake up on certain days which doesn’t feel right, and the day can go from bad to worse. As you miserably grumble, while resenting all the things in your life which makes you grumpy, you become increasingly angry.

What’s clear is that once you carry enough of these negative thoughts, then that’s where you’ll remain, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. So if someone made you feel this way, are you willing to give them the satisfaction that they’re making you feel this miserable.

To Find Gratefulness
What you can do is turn things around, this by expressing appreciation. This for anything that happens, even the most unlikeliest of things, all you need is to find something to be grateful for.


Once your life appears to go in a tailspin, as difficult as it may seem, give thanks to the challenges that you’re currently facing, making life a process of growing. Give thanks to all the life lessons which blesses your current misery.

For The Good Times
It also doesn’t need to be the tough difficult challenges you’re facing. Often, it’s the simple things, the things that you would normally take for granted, can be objects of your appreciation.

If you’ve just had a great meal, or that someone opened the door for you, it’s those small gestures which you usually dismiss. Become more mindful and aware of them, and then begin expressing your gratitude once it happens.

Everything In Your Life
Be thankful for having access to things, anything that you enjoy. A book, a piece of clothing, that cup of coffee, a stranger smiling at you. Express gratitude.

The chances are good that there’s a variety of things which deserves to be written into your gratitude journal. What the writing process does is cements them by making them permanent, real, and meaningful.

You’ve most likely heard about the power of writing down goals. Know it works the same way for gratitude, when it comes to growing abundance.

Just witness what happens. Your vibration begins to increase. Things then begin to align and work in unison. Some new signs of prosperity might come quickly, while others may take time.

You can be assured that if you continue to keep grumbling, that what you’re doing is pushing any type of prosperity away. So stop being so miserable and become grateful instead, as good things will then begin flowing your way.