How To Attract More Abundance In Your Life By Being Grateful

write down grateful thingsBeing grateful on a daily basis as a ritual, has shown to have positive effects which can last for weeks. Experts have known and advocated that it’s gratitude that is the passage. Personal development gurus have stated that showing gratitude is the exhale process to becoming successful, which attracts abundance.

So you’re wondering how to become more grateful yourself. It comes down to finding the infinite ways to say “thank you.” The opportunity for gratitude is abundantly available. It’s found impossible to run out of things to be grateful for, …

Why Always Showing Your Gratitude May Not Be A Good Thing

showing too much gratitudeSome will display their gratitude just to feed their ego, for their own self interests. They’ll go out of their way, only when they know that others are watching, extending their goodwill or compassion out to them, to those who may be weaker or less fortunate.

They’ll display their empathetic side proving that they really do care. But when one displays genuine gratitude, what they’re doing is enhancing their own well-being, becoming healthier mentally, while elevating their relationships and status.

When genuine gratitude is displayed, what’s offered is their hand …