What Education Fails To Teach Is How To Acquire Wealth

We’re sent away as young adults into the big mean world out there, as prepared as possible. The basic educational institutions, the schools we attend, is where we’re taught the facts of life. This to become contributing citizens to society.

But what did we really learn about how to make money. Were we ever taught how to generate wealth.

We’re herded into the classrooms, and taught subjects such as language, mathematics, history, science, social studies, religion, along with others like cooking and physical education.

All which are important and vital elements for survival, to become functioning adult human beings and to find our aptitude.

Some will then option to get post secondary education, based on their strength and interests.

Post education further refines us, but only concentrates on theories and principles. All which may or may not offer consonance in the real world.

To Learn Something New

The Internet is a godsend for the curious. We also attend seminars, and talk to people who are more knowledgeable than us, on the subjects we know nothing about.

We learn the most by making mistakes in life, similar to how babies learn how to walk.

It’s like learning how to ride a bike, where we get bruises every time we fall.

With steely determination, we learn not to allow our mistakes to stop us from learning. We learn from our failures, which hopefully encourages us to learn more.

What needs to be realized, is grade school education is only the fundamental foundation of general knowledge.

Beyond school, we’re on our own to gather as many skills as possible based on our passions, especially those pertaining to creating wealth.

Do What You Love

Our lives, our endeavors, needs to be anchored by love. When you love what you do, you’ll enjoy yourself more, and fight through the difficult times.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of doing what you love to do, is it brings you better health.

With this in mind, decide if you’re following your dreams. This principle needs to be applied, when you choose your occupation, to earn a living.

Loving is one thing, but knowledge is another. Know your business. Know how to go about it. What’s imperative is you acquire knowledge, especially financial knowledge.


The Importance Of Knowledge

Today, information is king, knowledge is wealth. Get to know, become mindful of what’s going on around you.

You’ll find greater opportunity to become wealthy, from information that’s current.

Time is of essence, when it comes to your business. Learning all of its nuances becomes vital. Then applying what you learned, becomes a non-stop process.

The key becomes knowing everything you need to about the business, before getting involved in it.

Those who have actual experience on a subject, are those who you should be talking to, when gathering this information.

Avoid hearsay or gossip, or those who neither knows nor has any experience. Knowledge is an asset, while being naive is a liability. Information is wealth.

So exchange information regarding financial matters with your colleagues, as frequently as possible. This is the best way to acquire updated information.

Ask And You Shall Learn

On topics you’re not clear or familiar with, ask questions, rather than pretending you know when you don’t. So lose that ego.

Also be generous to share what you know when asked. Opportunities are often born spontaneously, during discussions that are beneficial to either or both parties.

The risk factors are always there, even if you know the business. This is inherent in every type of enterprise.

Risk however can be managed, and kept at a minimum, if you have the proper knowledge.

Learn As Much As Possible

Gathering information may be time consuming, but it’s time well spent. Often, it takes more time to gather information, than learning the business itself.

Also keep in mind that timing, knowing when to act, becomes vitally important in the business you’re interested in.

The first or the earliest to know, usually gets the opportunity. If you know of an opportunity that’s not yet in the news, that’s profitable information.

Stay focused. Keep a clear and keen mind. Just like the advice given by the weatherman, know the probabilities before you act.

The same is true in business, know before you take action.

Getting Into The Flow

In business, you need to learn how to manage the flow of your money, your people, and your system.

Get to know where the money you invest is at all times, so you’ll always be cash positive to cover all your transactions. Make sure your cash flows smoothly, to where it should go.

Learn to manage your people. They work for you, so take good care of them, reward them, and they will take good care of your business.

Learn to systematize your work flow. What doing so does is cuts down on wasted time, energy, and money. What you save is additional profit.

Also reserve your time for non-business related activities, such as family, health and social affairs. Similar to giving credit where credit is due, give time to where time is due.

Think of ways to do more in less time. This will increase your bottom line, while making you more competitive.

Learn To Market Yourself

What most people have difficulty with, is marketing themselves. Promoting themselves and their product or services.

It becomes too difficult, for your prospective clients to get acquainted with what you’re offering. Their first instinct is to reject you.

So have the proper people negotiating and handling your marketing, as they’re the representatives of who you are.

Learn how to communicate effectively, as it’s an important skill to learn. It’s all your senses and mindfulness all rolled into one.

Doing so will keep you updated and knowledgeable. Without it, you are dancing in the dark.