What Education Fails To Teach Is How To Acquire Wealth

We’re sent away as young adults into the big mean world out there, as prepared as possible. The basic educational institutions, the schools we attend, is where we’re taught the facts of life. This to become contributing citizens to society.

But what did we really learn about how to make money. Were we ever taught how to generate wealth.

We’re herded into the classrooms, and taught subjects such as language, mathematics, history, science, social studies, religion, along with others like cooking and physical education.

All which are important and vital …

Establishing A Mindset Of Abundance Before Attracting Money

It’s easy to think when you’re struggling in life, short on money, the world is conspiring against you. That life is a cruel unfriendly place and you’re cursed. There you are, working feverishly at your job, but there’s more money going out than coming in.

It’s an uphill struggle, as you just can’t seem to get ahead. What this does is leaves you in a state of despair, as stress and anxiety mounts.

You begin to count pennies instead of dollars, while others close to you appears to be better …

Areas In Your Life Which Needs Abundance Before Getting Rich

finding abundanceIt becomes easy to think when you’re struggling with money, that the world is a cruel unfriendly place. There you are, working at your job feverishly, but there’s more money going out than coming in. This leaves you in a state of despair, counting the pennies, while others appear to have everything they need.

Realize that this is just an illusion. That despite you currently being in a tight financial situation, that you’re a lot more richer than you think you are. Once you discover just how fortunate your life …