What Education Fails To Teach Is How To Acquire Wealth

We’re sent away as young adults into the big mean world out there, as prepared as possible. The basic educational institutions, the schools we attend, is where we’re taught the facts of life. This to become contributing citizens to society.

But what did we really learn about how to make money. Were we ever taught how to generate wealth.

We’re herded into the classrooms, and taught subjects such as language, mathematics, history, science, social studies, religion, along with others like cooking and physical education.

All which are important and vital …

The Need To Find The Purpose Of Your Life Before It’s Too Late

find your life purposeJust pretending to be a miniature diva, by getting married shouldn’t be the main purpose of your life, as it’s not that great of an accomplishment. You’re not proving anything, other than being able to attract someone to become enveloped by your needy ways of life.

Life is a highway which flows in one direction, yet you ignore the numerous road signs pointing that you may be going the wrong way. That your true life destination is the opposite. You’re blinded by your entitlement, continuing to travel in the wrong …