How To Make The Transition From Education To Becoming Wealthy

survive in businessWhen going to school, we have no other choice as kids but to learn what we’re taught. We become vulnerable to the process, as we’re educated on what’s on the agenda. We learn about the basics of life, to survive, to earn a living, but never about money or wealth.

This is the biggest fault when it comes to our education, as all what schools bother is to just scratch the core. So the subjects which are covered on the blackboard just includes the elementary basics such as math, language, social studies, science, physical ed…

Then at the collegiate level, depending on which discipline we choose to follow, the lessons are concentrated on the principles, theories, and the fundamentals, which isn’t always in consonance with what’s happening in the real world.

How We Learn New Things
We learn from websites, attend seminars, seek out mentors who has more knowledge on a subject, this to self educate ourselves. We also learn from trial and error, by making mistakes while not becoming discouraged, by overcoming them.

This is similar to learning how to ride a bike, where we fall as our knees and ego gets bruised. What we learn is not to allow the mistakes we’ve made to stop us. Learning from our mistakes should be encouraging us to learn more.

Learn The Fundamentals
Realize that the current academic system, just teaches the core fundamental foundations of general knowledge, a skim.

Once out of school, what we’re required is to take inventory of our interests, education, aptitude, the skills we have, and then apply them to create a living.

The choice of endeavor needs to be anchored on passion. If you love what you do, then you won’t lose interest or quit once you fail when attempting to learn it.

So you need to follow your heart then engage your mind, this by chasing the dreams of your life. Then eventually, you’ll start attracting the occupation which gains you wealth.

Knowledge Is Power
Passion is one thing, knowledge is another. So learn your occupation or business first. Know how it operates, as information is king.

Know exactly what the trends are which surrounds it, the politics on how it functions. Then what you’ll find are the exact opportunities to take advantage of, as you’ll know that the information is current.

What technology provides is the exact methods on how the business operates, as this information is now concise and compressed, and readily available online.

Knowledge of the business is key, and this learning should be a non-stop process. If you don’t know, you need to learn it first, this before getting involved in it.

Those who have actual working experience on a subject, are those you should be consulting with when gathering information.

Never listen to rumors, theories, hearsay, to those who either don’t know or have any experience on the subject. Knowledge is your biggest asset, while not knowing becomes a liability, as information becomes wealth.

The Exchange Of Data
Exchange information regarding business and financial matters with your colleagues, this as frequently as possible. This is one of the best ways to acquire updated news and data.

On topics which aren’t clear or familiar to you, always be asking questions and prodding, while not pretending that you know when you don’t.


Also be generous and honest to share what you know when asked. Opportunities are born spontaneously in discussions which are beneficial to either or both parties involved.

Know how to manage risk, as it’s inherent in every business. Risk can however be managed and kept at a minimum, this once you acquire the proper knowledge.

Time To Act
Gathering information can at times be time consuming, but it’s time well spent. Also realize that execution, knowing when to act, can be just as important as knowledge.

What’s known is that it’s usually the first to develop, the first to take action, the first to bring to market, most often wins.

So if you know of an opportunity that’s not yet in the mainstream media, then pounce. Stay focused, always be aware while having an open mind, be in the know then take action.

Learn To Administer
What you need is to learn how to manage the flow of money, your system, and those who you work with.

Know exactly where the money that you’re spending is at all times, this so you won’t get cash strapped in the middle of transactions, or be surprised in times of emergencies.

Make sure that your money goes exactly where it should go. Learn to manage your vendors, employees, outsourcing staff, clients, and the competition.

They work with or for you, so take good care of them. Systematize the work flow, cut costs, energy, wasted time, which leads to additional profit.

To Manage Time Better
Learning effective communication skills becomes key, so be as engaging and transparent as possible. Know how to concisely transmit the information you’re wanting.

Surround yourself with the right people, and if you need additional help, outsource if you need to. Overcome the fear of getting yourself out there, believe in yourself.

Where most have their biggest difficulty is promotion, marketing, selling their product or service. The customers initial reaction is to always reject it first, so get over that fact.

It takes time, so be patient with your prospective clients to become acquainted with you, and what you’re offering.

Also plan for leisure activities with associates, friends, and family. Give credit where credit is due, as well as giving your time to where it’s needed. Think of ways on how you can do more in less time. Doing so increases your profit margins by making you more competitive.

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