How To Recognize The Traits Of Real Genuine People

When we need to connect with people, what we want is to be close to the core truth as possible with them. This when we’re networking, attempting to start a business relationship, or to develop friendship. What we’re looking for are genuine honest people we can trust.

This in a world of cloak and illusion, where deception is commonplace. Where certain individuals only chooses to disclose information that’s advantageous for them.

No one wants to be lied to, no one wants to be associated with a fraud.

On the other hand, what you want is to be genuine and trusted yourself. Most however don’t realize how unauthentic they come across.

We’re also all accustomed to telling little white lies to our advantage, to save face, to cover or protect something, or to avoid embarrassment.

To Be Genuine

To be genuine, the definition means to be honest at all times, actual, and sincere. When it comes to the traits of those who are real, their internal intent is exposed externally.

This is a tough quality to discern however, especially when wanting to avoid the slick shysters out there. The issue being, the majority of most human interactions are relative.

It becomes a function of how we happen to perceive one other, through our own subjective and at times cloudy lens.

Being Real Is Becoming Rare

Being genuine at all times is found to be a rare quality. In a world full of excessive media hype, phony ads to separate you from your money, or influences who lie through their teeth.

What everyone wants is something they don’t yet have. There’s no one who’s content with who they are, what they’ve got. No one’s willing to admit what they’re lacking.

So everyone would rather hide behind who they want to become. Exposing their true persona is becoming increasingly rare.

So take a step back, take a look at yourself first. Imagine how you come across.

Be genuine, get real. Being as blunt and honest as possible begins with you. Start by knowing the traits of genuine people and how they act.

Don’t Be An Attention Seeker

What genuine people don’t want or need is constant reinforcement or acknowledgement of their ego. This by constantly posting images of their self, or achievements on social media.

What these phony attention seekers have are big holes in their self-esteem, which constantly needs to be filled.

Those who are genuine are already self-confident and self-aware, they don’t need this instant gratification of their worthiness.


Doesn’t Matter If They’re Liked

They’re not concerned whether they’re liked or not, as that’s out of their control. The need to be liked by others is a byproduct of insecurity and narcissism.

What being “liked” creates is a need to manipulate the emotions of yourself and others.

Those who are authentic and confident simply just chooses to be themselves. If others like them, great, if someone doesn’t like them, that’s their loss.

They Know When Someone Is Full Of Sheet

They have an accurate BS meter. They’re always able to detect what’s real or not, based on instinct and a gut feel.

Genuine people ground themselves in reality, which gives them an accurate baseline when things don’t make sense, when things don’t add up.

They Know Who They Are

They know their self-worth, the cards they’ve been dealt in life, and are thus completely comfortable in their own skin.

What those who are insecure will do is struggle with their identity, and attempt to mask it.

What genuine people will do is work with what they’ve got, and then try to make the best of it.

They work on their strengths to their advantage, while constantly improving on their weaknesses.

They Say What They Mean

They’ll never attempt to deceive anyone, or tend to exaggerate, overreact, or overreach. They make good on the promises they make, and the commitments they’ve made.

They never sugarcoat the truth or parse their words. If you need to hear the blunt honest truth, that’s what they’ll give you.

Those who are real will give you the core truth, even if it’s difficult for you to hear the harsh words of reality.

They Remain Minimal

There’s not much more they need. They’re comfortable with who they are, and don’t need extravagant materialistic things to make them happy or feel more complete, to pump up their ego.

They know where to find happiness, which is inside themselves, their loved ones, and their work.

They find happiness in the simple things in life.

They’re Never Boastful

They’re modest and don’t seek attention because they’re confident of their worth. There’s no need to brag about themselves, or to display themselves like a peacock.

There’s never a need to show false modesty, as they realize although humility is a positive trait, it’s better to be straightforward.

Since they know who they are, and in touch with their emotions, they come across as predictable in a positive way.

They do what they believe. Genuine people would never advise others to do something they themselves wouldn’t do.

They know they’re not better than anyone else, so they’re not self-righteous.

They Treat Everyone With Respect

What the different behaviors genuine people share are all similar elements, which is self-awareness consistent with reality.

Those who are genuine will see themselves as others would, as if they were objective observers.

There’s very little processing, controlling, or manipulating on how they come across.

Once you get to know someone who’s genuine, you’ll find they’re extremely consistent in the way they react, and what their true personality is.

You get exactly what you see, which is rare commodity these days, qualities that are at a risk of becoming extinct.

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