9 Ways To Hit The Reset Button To Replenish Your Energy

What we often get is tired, we all on occasion trip off kilter and lose our sense of mental balance, leading us to become moody or even sick as a result. There are a variety of ways on how our energy can be drained out, other than from doing strenuous physical activity.

If you’re not physically active but don’t feel great at the end of the day, this is usually because of the inefficient use of your mental energy.

What everyone wants is more of it, to spend extended quality time with their family or friends, enjoying their time more graciously.

One source of energy drainage is focusing too much on things you have absolutely no control over.

By doing this, obsessing on things or events you can’t do anything about, will burn off valuable energy. Incidences such as attempting to control the personal nuances of others.

Whether it be what others say, the decisions made by those in authority, or fuming over the weather or gossip.

What we fall into is the victim trap where you can’t do anything about it.

The bigger your feelings of helplessness are, the more energy you’ll expend and will get exhausted quicker.

What you then do is end up banging your head against the proverbial wall, instead of seeing the light which leads elsewhere.

Holding On To Expectations

What you clutch on to are certain expectations, which aren’t most likely going to happen.

We all have grandeur dreams, visions of what we thought our careers would be, or who we were going to marry, how our lives would be at a certain point in time.

What we expect or want is our bosses or our spouse to treat us in a certain way, our co-workers and friends to be respectful of us. All of our general interactions to improve.

What happens is life interferes and we can’t deal with the reality, or we refuse to change our expectations.

This only sets us up for disappointment and frustration, while burning off too much of our precious energy.

Decide what your most unmet expectations are that you dwell on or complain about the most.

It’s time to rid of them and move on, by facing the truth and dismissing them.


You Never Ask For Help

What our society admires is the mentally strong, those who are self-starters and fiercely independent.

For this reason, you choose to do things yourself, because of your ego and pride, attempting to prove your strength and ability. You want to imprint your own style, to make your own mark.

Realize you don’t need to do it all yourself, and there’s no shame in that. Others will not think you’re weak if you reach out for some help when needed.

If you never ask for help, it’s also possible some may think you’re arrogant, aloof, or you don’t respect what they’re offering.

Listening To Your Mind

The primary purpose of our brains is to protect us from danger. So on instinct, it’s constantly looking out for the worst possible scenarios in every situation.

If you continuously listen to your pessimistic, skeptical, or paranoid brain too often, you’ll never take any risks, even if the odds are in your favor and the outcome will likely be positive.

What potential harm is there if you decide to speak up on occasion, reach out, or try something new.

You’ll never know until you try, while thinking about it will just make you tired.

Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Taking your work or what you do seriously is admirable, but taking things which are personal too seriously is a complete drain of your energy.

You’ll be more service to yourself and others once you learn to relax more, and say this too will pass.

What you’ll most likely end up doing is laughing about it someday anyways, so why not begin now.

Realize your actions won’t make or change the world, so enjoy what you do.

How To Regain More Energy Into Your Life

What most don’t realize is you can “think” yourself into having more energy. It can be as easy as just thinking positive thoughts.

Doing so can activate and energize your mind, by secreting the chemicals which increases your general sense of well-being, boosting your mood.

9 Ways To Increase Your Energy

1.) Instead of constantly complaining, focus on what you can control, starting with your own thoughts and feelings
2.) Find the funny side of everything in life, things you can laugh at, especially yourself
3.) Appreciate what you have, what you’ve gained from all of the life lessons learned
4.) Get up and move around, even when indoors. If no one’s looking, do a little dance, jump or skip, stretch, move your body around in different ways. Movement energizes you by getting the juices flowing
5.) Visualize what you want your life to look like, and then take the next step to move towards these thoughts. Ask for help if you need it
6.) Know why you get out of bed in the morning, know exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish that day, do something to bring you closer to your dreams
7.) Know what gives you a sense of purpose. Focus on the big picture, this by not sweating the small stuff
8.) Forgive yourself whenever you make a mistake. Feel compassion towards those who annoy you. Realize they’re doing their best with what they know or are capable of
9.) Ask your heart whenever you need to make a tough decision, then activate your soul for the courage to do it

Instead of constantly draining out your energy, choose to go on a natural high instead. Empower yourself, as doing so is guaranteed to make you feel better, once you reflect at the end of the day.

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