Take The Magical Mystery Tour Of Activating Your Potential

Magic is that mystical unknown force of lore, which appears beyond our control. It’s an extraordinary influence or power seemingly from a supernatural source. Attempting to define magic is difficult as it’s used more to define, rather than something that can be defined.

What we attempt is to constantly define ourselves, yet there’s no adequate words which can describe the complexity of who we think we are.

All we can describe is the type of work we do, what we look like, our gender or ethnic heritage, our strongest aptitudes. …

9 Ways To Hit The Reset Button To Replenish Your Energy

What we often get is tired, we all on occasion trip off kilter and lose our sense of mental balance, leading us to become moody or even sick as a result. There are a variety of ways on how our energy can be drained out, other than from doing strenuous physical activity.

If you’re not physically active but don’t feel great at the end of the day, this is usually because of the inefficient use of your mental energy.

What everyone wants is more of it, to spend extended quality …

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Towards Opportunity

Almost everyone wants to get better, but will refuse to move out of the bubble that is their comfort zone. You want to do something new, but the whirlwind life you lead, consumes your day. So you decide to put off improving your life for another time, and will choose to do the safe thing.

What you want is to contribute more towards discussions, voice your opinion, but you hesitate and don’t bother getting in a word edgewise.

To grow, what you realize is you need to network with others …

How To Release That Emotional Clutter Which Occupies Your Mind

rid of emotional baggageWhat we’ve all heard is that life is a journey and not a destination. Yet, what most of us has is a short-term road map, a quick plan to get somewhere fast. We have a limited mental vision of where we want to go. Provided that we have the means to get there, we bury our heads and ignore everything else.

Some have absolutely no idea where they’re going, they don’t appear to care, as their resource bank is empty, and they’re perfectly content with that. All they want is …