How To Release That Emotional Clutter Occupying Your Mind

What we’ve all heard is life is a journey and not a destination. Yet, what most of us has is a short-term road map, a quick plan to get somewhere fast. We have a limited mental vision of where we want to go. Provided we have the means to get there, we bury our heads and ignore everything else.

Some have absolutely no idea where they’re going, they don’t appear to care, as their resource bank is empty, and they’re perfectly content with that.

All they want is adventure, allow the law of fate to dictate their lives, as they just want to enjoy the journey, despite the consequences.

These travels can encounter challenges which changes the course of our life. They’ll knock us down as the journey can become less enjoyable, or the obstacles can stop us altogether.

We then feel stuck and unable to continue. This is what emotional clutter does to our life.

Identifying The Clutter

Begin by listing all of your personal gripes, the fears, moans, anxieties and the complaints you have, the anger you feel.

Anything that sets you back. Accumulate this list over time as things crop up, as there’s no time limit.

The key is to identify and not to immerse yourself with these negative emotions, but to unearth what’s there, so you can place a spotlight on them.

Never dwell on these negative feelings. If you do get emotionally bogged down, then take a break, and come back to complete the list later.

It becomes important to be as honest as possible, even if it feels uncomfortable. When you do your list, its natural to feel guilt or anger.

Know How You Want To Feel

What you want is to move away from that feeling of being stuck, that vile sludge of cloudy negativity.

Begin by taking on each of your gripes, decide how you want to change them and why. Be mindful of the emotions they reveal.

Even if they’re events of the past you think you can’t do anything about, that doesn’t matter. Just identify and imagine how you’d liked things to of happened.

Keep everything as positives possible, on the things you want or don’t want to change.

It becomes important to establish what you like, even if at times it skirts the realm of reality. This becomes your “this is what I want” list. Preserve, treasure, and build on it.

What You Can Do Now

Look at your “this is what I want list.” Take each item and ask yourself: To completely release my negative energy, while embracing positive intentions, what should I do next.


What’s important is, you don’t need to do anything right now. It just means that you can.

It’s all about opening up new possibilities. About opening the door and allowing the torch to shine in. There’s no pressure, no immediate “to-do” list.

Some examples can be., “Forgive myself,” “Forgive my parents,” “Ask for help,” “Enjoy eating that piece of cake.”

All you want to make sure of, is that these changes are the ones you’d like to make, to make yourself feel better.

What you should be feeling is a new direction, and stronger resolve to begin taking positive action. You then begin developing an intense desire to look forward, instead of looking back.

Deciding To Take Action

What finding different ways on how you can remove all that clutter clouding your emotions, becomes liberating, while simultaneously making you feel more positive. Taking positive action becomes empowering.

First, categorize your list into what you want or could do. Which items that you consider to be the easiest to do, which items that you consider the most important to do. Start by what makes you feel better.

Reacting To The Emotions

Realize there’s an entire host of emotions which are active within, that are hiding and working silently in your subconscious mind. That’s why there are areas in your life where you feel stuck, but anything you do doesn’t appear to have any effect.

What you need is to begin observing all of your feelings that you go through, which gives you a better understanding of what they are. Once you identify them, then decide to release those damning ones which has a grip on you.

Know that there’s always a part of you, which observes what’s happening as it unfolds. Once you begin to be aware of seeing yourself this way, what you’ll feel is that you’re standing beside yourself, knowing what you’re feeling, doing, and how you’re interacting.

What you’ll learn is a lot about yourself once you begin doing this. Then after a while, what you’ll have is have a greater understanding of your emotions, and how you react.

What this then presents you are options on what to do. Once you become an observer, you’ll then react as things happen.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A technique which is known to work to clear subconscious emotional blockages, is by using what’s known as the Emotional Freedom Technique.

This can be applied by anyone, and some claim that the results can be positive. One benefit of this technique is that it can be easily implemented, and is emotionally painless.

Release Emotional Blockages

To move forward in life, what needs to be released are the emotional blockages in your life which can accumulate, which holds you back. What they’ll do is restrict you from reaching your potential.

The key becomes to identify what they are before a remedy can be applied. What everyone has are these emotional issues, but won’t bother to address them. The key to freedom becomes consciously letting them go.

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