Why Making Wishes Without Having Intention Can Become Toxic

making wishes are futileOnce you want to do something, what’s first activated are dreams, wishing for things to happen, such as having instant buyers on your website, or having customers waiting at your storefront, this without doing any marketing. What wishes are is they’re future oriented, something to be hopeful for.

But realize that wishing for something is weak willed. Something that has no backbone or momentum pushing it. Once you begin to wish for something to happen, it’s not a strong vision. Wishes are more fairy tale which doesn’t have any substance, as they’re just hopes which has no defined plan of action.

To get anywhere in life, what you need is strict intention, focused awareness on the immediate, a plan to make things happen. Wishing is fine, provided that you have the fortitude to take things further, representing what you’re wanting to do.

Going beyond wishing, what that involves is you drafting up goals, while developing a strategy to reach them. This strategy should be broken down into doable action steps.

Uncertain Future
The biggest danger of wishing is that it makes your future uncertain. Wishing transports you out of the present moment, and then places you five steps beyond where you’re wanting or should be.

Know that the only place where you’re able to make changes is right now. So instead of spending your time and energy wishing what you’re wanting in the future, decide to invest in this moment, by taking action which creates that future.

Having No Intention
What wishing does is dwells in the realms of dreams, as what it’s lacking is a solid foundation for a vision. Intention is having a definitive thought which states exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish.

The energy which surrounds wishes tend to be ephemeral, much like water that drains off your hand. Intentions are directed energy. Realize the lack of substance once a child says, “I’m wishing for something…” Doesn’t sound that convincing.

Instead, once you begin a statement by saying “I intend,” this followed by something that you want to accomplish, the energy around that statement is solidified.

Not Specific Enough
Realize that your thoughts, good or bad, are extremely powerful. What you think about the most, does is plays a key role in what manifests in your life.

Wishes tend to be ill-defined. They lack specificity, which leads to manifesting nothing specific. If you’re wanting to customize your future, your daily thoughts need to be intentional. They need to be focused, clearly articulated, and specific about the outcome.

Waste Of Time
What wishing does is burns valuable energy and isn’t the best use of your time. Wishes are playing “what if” games, which is entertainment that lacks substance.

Wishing for more customers, more money, a new love, is a waste of your time and energy. Instead, replace the constant wishing by take clearly defined focused steps to make things happen.

Comfort Zone
Since wishes are ill defined, and because wishing is dreaming, there’s no universal action that’s implied on your part. It’s nothing but mental machinations, allowing you to just lay back so you can wonder, while nothing gets accomplished.

What you’re not doing is learning new things, or stepping out of your comfort zone. Thinking intentional thoughts on what you’re wanting to accomplish requires action. What wishes does is just provides hope to do something.

There’s No Momentum
The energy that’s behind wishing is weak. Dreaming is a pleasurable act that most enjoy engaging in when they have time, as it’s just comfort food for those who are afraid to step up and take action.

Having intent on the other hand, is a trigger for you to take action, to step up and take the next step, which has end results. Once you take positive action, it becomes easier to continue this action.


Emotional Setback
Since wishing for something isn’t rooted in clarity, and because it doesn’t require action, what it can often do is lead towards malaise and procrastination.

There’s no plan for future movement. There’s no sense of a definitive outcome because wishing doesn’t have a call to action.

It’s like being on the outside and looking in. It’s about wanting and hoping but not getting, while not having the energy to push the door open for new opportunities.

Negativity Sets In
Wishing becomes disappointing which naturally leads to negative self-talk. We’re always wanting and then hoping for things and situations, but they’re constantly out of our grasp because there’s no action that’s been taken.

Since wishing remains a mental process that doesn’t require anything to be changed, it’s an exercise in futility. You’ll rarely get what you wish for, which becomes discouraging.

What this leads to is a downward spiral of negative thoughts and hopelessness, thinking you don’t have the capability or the motivation to do something.

That you’re not good or worthy enough to deserve what you wish for, as procrastination is the key driver. The underlying truth however, is that you can get whatever you want, provided that you have focus, a plan, and take action.

Stuck In Second Gear
Stuck is where you’ll find yourself once you wish for something, as they’re just mental thoughts which leads you nowhere.

Intentional thinking, although it’s also a mental activity, are grounded in focused thoughts which are coupled with action that leads to results.

Frustration Dooms
Wishing is extremely frustrating because the outcome is always the same. That nothing ever comes of it, as the motivation or circumstances never change.

What then sets in is frustration followed by discouragement, this once it’s realized that no action will be taken. Know that wishing and intention is just a mind shift away, so just alter it.

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