What’s The Positive Change You Can Make In The World Today

Today, this morning, right now at this time, could be the moment you’re going to turn your life around. To get everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Today might be the day you’re going to revolutionize your life. The greatest achievers among us, woke up one day like this one, and decided to change their life.

Their road to greatness then began, which was a culmination of creating, planning, and developing. They decided to take action, as everything came together.

They began to change their life, change the world, as the life forces, the universe began to pay attention and comply to their demands. Then the magic happened.

Every day we wake up, there are opportunities to make a difference, good or bad. Negative or positive actions that can alter your life.

It has to begin somewhere, somehow, sometime, at a moment in time which completely transforms your outlook.

How Do You React

You’re driving down the street, and someone suddenly pulls in front of you and cuts you off. Road rage…. right?

Does your blood boil as you shake your fist, screaming obscenities, or do you send them kind thoughts, wondering why they’re in such a rush.

If someone from work or at home interrupts whatever you’re doing, do you silently or verbally rage, tell them you’re busy and they’re bothering you. Or do you listen attentively, thinking it might be urgent.

When you’re standing in a long lineup, waiting for your daily addiction that is coffee, do you become irritable by the time you’re ready to order, or do you sympathize with how busy the coffee barista is.

You Are The Difference

How you choose to respond and interact with others, determines whether you’re making a positive influence or not, which can be the difference in yours or the life of someone else.

Everyone you interact with is somehow affected by your thoughts, words, or actions. You can be a shining light that brightens someone’s day, or a dark miserable cloud which compounds negativity.

You emitting one kind word or a smile, can be the difference if someone has a great day or not.

Yet, you might be thinking what you do or don’t, won’t make a lick of difference.

Realize our lives are formed by the decisions we make, and any thought could change your life around. We have no idea the magnitude of our impact on others, the butterfly effect we’re creating.

Know How You Influence

Everything you do from this moment on, realize the impact you’re making on someone or something. Is it negative or positive.

You’ll then by instinct begin to smile more, become more pleasant and friendly, do something nice for someone.


It’s not that you’re a miserable SOB constantly snarling at your family, friends, or strangers, nor you’re a candidate for sainthood.

But it’s realizing the difference you can make right now, and then choosing to make positive ones.

So knowing this, you can decide to give the waitress a bigger tip, a smile instead of a scowl for slow service.

Hold back the critical or judgmental words towards your partner after a hard day.

Listen intently to a friend in need, patiently attend to an elderly person wanting company, who tells you the same stories over and over.

Make it a conscious effort to mindfully make a positive difference in someones life.

What you don’t know is the impact or influence you might be making, by being kind to another soul.

You Light Up My Life

Every decision you make does matter. So choose to make a positive one. Never think it doesn’t matter, as what it does is compounds, builds momentum, and it can turn around the life of someone, perhaps yours.

There’s no additional effort, suffering, or sacrifice needed on your behalf. Just be nice.

What you’re doing is injecting a positive spark in someone, while feathering yourself with goodwill. This once you decide to take affirmative focused action in everything you do.

All of these positive actions then eventually turns instinctive, turns into habits, then how you react begins to enlighten and energize you, projecting how passionate you are.

To Give Back

If you’ve constantly been taking and taking, always wanting something for yourself while never giving back, then you need to fill up your gratitude tank right now.

Thankfulness needs to become a priority. Then eventually, gradually, you’ll transform yourself into a positive influence, while expecting nothing back in return.

Being A Positive Difference

Find ways how can you become a positive influence in the world today, someone who can inflect and alter the life of yourself or someone else for the better.

Begin by setting your intentions on making a difference and make it a priority, without expecting anything in return. If it’s too hard, then find someone who influences you.

Do the little things which can make the life of someone else better. Capture the feeling you get once doing so, and how it affected the other person.

At times, you can see the effect, but most often not. At times, it’s obvious and immediate, or there’s no visible difference whatsoever. What you can’t control is the outcome.

Have Intent

Once your intent becomes just to make a positive difference, while taking the appropriate action to perform that intention, allow yourself to feel the vibe of what you’ve created, regardless of the results.

Realize any positive difference can make a change in someone’s life, and create ripple effects for the better.

Always reflect on what you’ve done to make a positive change, regardless of how big, small, or insignificant it may seem, and give yourself credit for what you’ve done.

Once you focus on how great that feels, what you’re doing is building energy towards continuing to make a better positive difference.