The Top 9 Ways On How To Relieve That Pounding Headache

One of the biggest violations of our livelihood is getting a headache. Everyone gets headaches from time to time, this for a variety of reasons, as the brain stresses or distorts. It can be, and hopefully is just a minor annoyance, while it can become a skull crushing distraction, which can obviously lead to serious consequences. Treatment to relieve these headaches can vary, this depending on the type and degree that’s experienced. Most are just a nuisance, so there are some quick and natural feel better soon strategies, along with some long-term solutions for prevention, this before it becomes chronic.

9. Massage Neck And Shoulders

If there’s physical tension in your neck and shoulders, what that can lead to are headaches. Tension headaches are the most common, and are treatable. Begin by massaging your neck and shoulder blades. Make sure that you breath deeply, while relaxing your neck, allowing your head to tilt backwards.

There’s nothing more soothing to relieve headache tension, as you’ll begin to feel the pain start to lessen from a soothing massage. These types of massages are especially helpful for sinus based headaches.

8. Massage Scalp And Face

Another relief for tension headaches, is massaging the scalp and face area which can help in improving circulation while relieving tension, that helps reduce the pain of a headache. Tension headaches are caused from jaw clenching, poor posture, or strained muscles. Other causes are intense stress, anxiety, and depression.

Begin by placing your thumbs on your temples, and apply firm pressure, while moving your fingers in a small circular motion. Massage the center of your forehead, or the bridge of your nose to relieve sinus or migraine headaches.

7. Use Cool Compression Pads

What placing something that’s cool and soft on your forehead, and over your eyes can do is help the blood vessels constrict, which reduces the pain of headaches. This is especially helpful if the pain is in the temple or sinus area.

A wet washcloth works well, as the cool water refreshes. Put a wet washcloth in a waterproof resealable plastic bag, and place it into the freezer for up to 30 minutes. If you have a tension headache, the one’s that are caused by stress or anxiety, a warm compress may help to relieve the pain more than a cold compress.