7 Unhealthy Harmful Chemicals Found On Food Labels

4. Sodium Nitrate/Nitrite

Sodium nitrite is an additive, a chemical which effectively protects meat from deteriorating and going rancid. It also keeps harmful bacteria such as listeria at bay. What it does is creates nitrosamines once heated, this beyond 266-Farenheit. Nitrosamines are also a well known carcinogen.

Both nitrates and nitrites are naturally occurring chemical compounds, which are similar to each other but not identical. Nitrate turns into nitrite, this once it interacts with meat bacteria.

A sliver of good news involving these chemicals however, is that a diet that’s rich in nitrates, can at times potentially improve cardiovascular health, this by thinning out the blood while widening the blood vessels, which in turn lowers the risk of stroke and clotting.

3. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Any ingredient that mentions vegetable or protein, should be healthy right? What’s known is that this particular protein, is used primarily to enhance flavor in foods. What it does is reduces to amino acids, one of them being glutamic acid. Once it mixes with the free sodium in the body, it forms into harmful monosodium glutamate (MSG), which most are familiar with.

What many are aware of, is that MSG has been linked to common health ailments, anything from headaches to nausea. Many have no idea however, that they’re consuming MSG, this since it’s not directly listed on the label. It’s also not required for manufacturers to disclose MSG as an ingredient.

2. Sodium Benzoate

This is a chemical preservative that helps inhibit the growth of mold, which can form in soda. This is the reason why it’s listed on the label of most carbonated soda drinks and some sport drinks. Sodium Benzoate is a known carcinogen, that’s linked to causing potentially harmful thyroid damage.

What’s known is that high levels of this preservative can be dangerous, as well as a similar chemical potassium benzoate. The reason being, it can build up once it’s exposed to heat, or if it’s mixed with Vitamin C. The best solution, is to avoid these products altogether.

1. Hidden Sugars

What everyone’s aware of, is that they consume way too much sugar, this usually the hidden variety. This is an issue for many, especially for diabetics or those trying to lose or control their weight. Sugar is also often listed far down the ingredients list, lulling one into thinking there’s little sugar in the product.

What’s also known for certain, is that sugar is often disguised as other names on the label, and at times in higher concentrations. Sugar can also be listed as agave nectar, corn syrup, dehydrated cane juice, or barley malt syrup. Consider anything that ends in “ose,” to be a hazard.