7 Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Help Reach Your Goals

What many will do is set goals. They’ll write down a list of things, ideals, they want to do or accomplish. Then they think these wishes will somehow magically transform into the life they want. Most will just put them on the back burner and wait.

If they don’t come into fruition, which they usually don’t, they will then quickly abandon them, wondering why they didn’t come true.

Then they feel cursed, deciding their sacred list of “goals” they dream of, isn’t in their destiny.

Realize these goals, will usually fail. They’re similar to your next great diet plan you found on the Internet. They’re often ignored and then discarded, upon first failure.

The reason why this happens, is because there’s no plan of action, to properly address and remove the existing ingrained habits.

What needs to be done instead, is compartmentalizing, by developing stronger “iron-clad” mental habits, a better foundation. Which will help you in driving your life purpose further.

Deep Cleanse Life Altering Habits

Without developing and placing these new habits into place first, what you’re bound to do, is just repeat the same mistakes over again.

You’re just wasting time, energy and resources, while squandering opportunities, that may potentially lead towards your next greatest achievement.

Developing these positive foundational habits, provide a stronger backbone when it comes to the maintenance of your well-being.

So instead of constantly resolving what you should be doing next, decide to alter your core habits instead.

Once you’ve decided which past “bad” habits you’re wanting to remove, work on them daily until you’ve master it.

Then choose to adopt better more positive proven lifestyle habits that you can adopt, which will lead you towards your goals.

New Habit #1 – Adopt A Routine Exercise Program

What’s recommended is initially aiming for at least 30 minutes of active concentrated exercise, 4 to 7 times a week.

It’s also not about waking up and going to the gym at 6AM every morning. Just so you can chat with others and do nothing, while telling everyone you go to the fitness club daily.

Those who leads busy hectic lifestyles, find it’s too much of a burden to find time to workout. If that’s the case, if you can’t find 30 minutes out of your day, then you’re just fooling yourself.

So make it a habit to jump on the treadmill or join a pilates class, or take a brisk 30 minute walk or jog during your lunch break. Just make sure you get yourself exercising somehow.


New Habit #2 – Always Eat Breakfast

Those who are busy and of course everyone is, will often skip the most important meal of the day.

Skipping breakfast, is the number one detriment that affects concentration, focus, and the waistline, especially before noon.

What skipping breakfast does, is it leads to increased cravings of refined sugary foods, and overeating at night.

Once committing yourself to a protein rich breakfast such as eggs or oatmeal, doing so goes a long way towards balancing your appetite, making it easier to make better food choices during the day.

New Habit #3 – Get Adequate Sleep

What studies have shown, is it’s usually the lack of sleep, which is the leading cause of one becoming obese.

It also leads to contracting more diseases, while elevating stress and anxiety levels.

Getting enough sleep, is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself.

So if you happen to have a habit of staying up late, then make the commitment of going to sleep at a more reasonable hour.

If you routinely take technology to bed such as your laptop, instead, make your bedroom distraction free.

Reading a book, is the proven cure to make you fall asleep faster.

New Habit #4 – Eat Healthier Snacks

Make it a conscientious effort, to cut out as much processed and refined foods as possible. Decide to replace them, with a diet of whole foods instead.

Make sure you pay particular attention, towards increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption.

If any regimented eating program appears too overwhelming for you, then make it a force of habit. Not only will you begin losing weight, you’ll also improve your health and longevity.

New Habit #5 – Cut Down On Mass Media

This includes television and the Internet. Choose not to particularly watch those channels, such as current world news or gossip.

Doing so will automatically elevate your anxiety and moodiness levels. Remember, no news is good news.

If your stress level happens to be high to begin with, leave your technology behind, and go for a walk instead. Call a friend and check out a movie.

Filtering out the endless chatter that’s mass media, will help you to relax more.

New Habit #6 – Have Wholesome Healthy Dinners

Having a healthy dinner around 5PM, is the most difficult thing to do for whose who work, as there’s just no time to cook something that’s nutritious.

So what results, is eating out a lot more or picking up a burger, this rather than eating high quality meals at home.

Know most restaurant dishes to enhance its taste, can have the equivalent of consuming an entire stick of margarine.

So instead of conveniently loading up on these empty calories, commit to cooking more healthier foods at home by pre-planning on the weekends, for the week ahead.

Get a healthy foods cookbook, and then begin experimenting.

Start making nutritious soups and stews, and then freeze them for quick meals once you get home. Get a stove-top grill, for preparing quick healthy chicken or fish dinners.

Keep plenty of vegetables on hand, already washed and cut up and store them in the fridge.

Then toss them in salads with a bit of olive oil, or quickly roast them for 15 minutes in the oven for a quick and healthy side dish.

This just doesn’t benefit your body and waistline, but your wallet as well.

New Habit #7 – Quit All Your “Bad” Vices

If you’re a smoker and find it difficult to quit, or you enjoy one or several cocktails during or after work, then make a commitment of completely quitting or reducing these vices.

It’s often just too difficult to go complete “cold turkey,” on these negative habits, but realize the long-term consequences.

Put forth your best effort, to rid of these habits from your life, one step at a time.