8 Common Hangover Myths Like Drinking Coffee Makes You Sober

4 – Drinking Alcohol Allows Me To Fall Asleep Sooner

What many believe is that the “night cap” theory works for them, that having a glass of wine or spirits right before going to bed, will lull them quicker in a deep peaceful sleep.

What’s known however, is that an alcoholic drink actually disrupts the quality of REM sleep cycles. So even though you might fall asleep sooner, what you’ll suffer from is poorer quality of actual zzzzz’s.

3 – Diet Mixes Keeps Me Slim

This especially if you’re out on the town, while attempting to shed a few pounds or are on a diet. What you’re thinking is just swapping diet soda for regular soda should do the trick. This so you won’t gain excess calories.

What’s found is that a rye and diet cola does is lacks sugar, so it’s more likely that you’ll get a pounding headache the next morning. The reason being that the sugar found in soda or fruit juices, does is dilutes the potency of alcohol better in the bloodstream.

2 – Just Having A Couple Drinks Won’t Result In A Hangover

I’ll just have one more quick drink, and I’ll still be fine. Don’t fool yourself, as a small “hard liquor” drink like a martini, does is packs a pretty hefty punch when it comes to inebriation. Just even having 2 drinks can at times cause you to get drunk enough, to be hungover the next morning, depending on your condition.

This depending on how much stress you’re experiencing, or how full your stomach is. Instead, choose to drink a large glass of soda water between drinks, which will keep you hydrated, while diluting the alcohol in the bloodstream.

1 – Drinking Coffee Will Sober Me Up

What’s often thought is chasing strong coffee after a few rounds of stiff drinks, will instantly perk and sober you up quickly, so you can drive straight home, or go to work clear headed the next morning. What’s known is caffeine is completely ineffective, if you’re hoping to eliminate or absorb alcohol out of your system.


All what coffee does is just dehydrates you further, making the after affects of the morning after the night before, even worse, such as contributing to a pounding headache. The best way of altering the dehydrating effects of alcohol, is by drinking a large glass of water, or an electrolyte loaded beverage before going to bed.