8 Common Hangover Myths That May Not Work

It’s time to celebrate. You’ve been good, you worked hard, you had a good year, so bottoms up. Then you’ve done it again. What you’ve enjoyed is an evening of excess, fueled graciously by a few too many adult beverages. The end result is the same, and there’s a pounding headache known as a hangover, which leaves you nauseated, dehydrated, and depleted of energy the next day.

You tell yourself, never again. What everyone suffers from, are the results of a night of partying, and its consequences the next day, the inevitable hangover. There are a variety of myths to prevent or cure these hangovers, many which are ineffective.

8 – Both Men And Women Are Able To Drink The Same Amount

When it comes to pounding down the drinks ladies, this is where gender equality is separated and doesn’t apply. If it’s “Ladies night” at the local drinking hole, offering cheap drinks, once you choose to have a few more than usual, the effects of the alcohol will strike you quicker and harder.

So if you’re wanting to keep up with your male counterparts, in the attempts to show your capable, you’ll be under the table sooner. Drinking the same liquor and the same amount will result in making you more drunk, this because what men’s bodies contain is more water than what a woman’s body does, so they can simply drink more.

7 – Having A Drink The Next Morning Cures Hangovers

Known as “hair of the dog,” which refers to drinking more alcohol once waking up the next morning, this in the hopes to avoid that pounding headache known as a hangover.

Although it may seem to be absolutely logical and it may work temporarily, all you’re doing is putting the hangover on pause, delaying it by adding more alcohol into the bloodstream, which obviously just gets you drunk again. There’s no point delaying it, by attempting to recover from the same hangover later on in the day.

6 – Loading Up On Carbs Prevents Hangovers

When it comes to eating food to prevent a nasty hangover, fatty foods works a lot better than starchy carbohydrates. This is the reason why that greasy spoon breakfast feels so good going down, the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

If you’re wanting to prevent or slow down alcohol absorption in the blood stream, choose to eat fatty meals like chicken wings, a big burger and fries, a juicy steak, or a few slices of pizza before going out drinking.

5 – Hard Liquor Before Beer… Then You’re Good

This is a myth for whatever reason, probably just an excuse to drink more. What an usual 5-ounce glass of wine, a standard glass of 12-ounce beer, or a typical 1 ounce shot of hard liquor, all contains is the exact amount of alcohol. So it doesn’t really matter which order that you drink them. What mixing drinks might cause however, is a queasy stomach.