Why You Need To Market Yourself And Not Sell Your Product

Most often, the key of creating a positive successful business relationship, is often overlooked. This is the technique how every winning CEO and corporate giant started out with. Most were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They worked hard, they began by first selling themselves.

Multi-national corporate giants, successful entrepreneurs, and any major conglomerate all have one thing in common. Other than money, what they have is an abundance of charisma.

It’s something you find, if you trace the roots back to its origins. It begins with the individual knowing how to represent themselves.

Anyone can learn to sell a product. It’s a simple process. What you see is what you get.

The prospective buyer can look at it, touch it, compare it to other similar products, and buy it if they choose.

The seller simply talks about it to their customer. A service is similar. The salesperson makes a “canned” presentation, states the pros of the product.

They explains the features and benefits of what it can do for the buyer, and hopefully make the sale.

To Market Yourself
Marketing yourself however, is a little more involved. No two consumers are identical, so no one knows what to expect. You can’t sell consistently by appearance or experience.

One might stretch the truth a bit about their experience, but the buyer will sense that. The key becomes to market themselves successfully first.

There are a variety of different methods to do so. Once it’s applied simultaneously with the product, there should be positive results.

First Impressions Count
First impressions does matter. It’s even thought to be one of the keys of establishing a positive relationship.

Regardless if your communication is by email, social media, or in person. The first few moments of your confrontation, will help or harm.

Make the initial contact count. Don’t kiss up, but be professional and courteous. Act interested in the customer, in regards to what they’re most interested in.

Make it about them and never about you. People want to be impressed, so if you come across as being inviting, and not annoying or overbearing, they will respond positively.

What the customer has is first priority, regardless if you have hundreds of clients or just a few.

Whoever the individual is you’re currently dealing with, needs to feel they’re the most important at that moment.


Always Give It Your Full Effort
Always give 110%, although that’s physically impossible. Make sure you give your full undivided effort, as that’s all you can do.

Make the person you’re dealing with, feel you’re giving them your complete and full undivided attention, and they will notice and respect that.

Make sure you go beyond what’s expected of you. If you are, for instance, expected to provide ten pieces of a product for a fee, then give an extra one for free, to show you care.

Show That You Care
If you’re in business and are only interested in making money, while having no regards or interest in the quality of your product or service, it will show. Your business is also inevitably doomed for failure.

You need to want your client to gain, to excel, to be better off once you serve them. This is how your business will grow.

Word of mouth by others, can be the best or the most damaging form of marketing. If you get the reputation of poor quality work, you’re headed for doom.

Make yourself available to the customer at all times, even in the evenings if possible, depending on the nature of your business.

People want to know that they can reach you, without having to wait too long. Waiting makes people irritable, which places stress on the relationship.

Be As Personable As Possible
The most profitable and valuable source of business, is from referrals, this from your current clients or from business associates. The key to doing this, is by making everyone you deal with, a “professional” friend.

Begin by being friendly, but not overbearing by getting too personal or pushy when you first meet them. If the client or associate mentions a certain aspect of their life, such as a favorite restaurant, or their kids, make a mental note.

Lets say for instance, that they need to leave early, this because they have to pick up their daughter from soccer practice. Take note of that and the next time you speak with them, ask how the daughters game went.

Then, associate your own life with theirs. Something like, “She’s going to be a star. That’s great. I know what you’re going through. My son is on the high school baseball team.”

You get to know them and they get to know you. Eventually, a relationship will be formed and your business benefits.

Always Be Taking Notes
Nothing will sell you better, than the realization that you’ve noticed your clients or associates life. If you find out that their birthday or anniversary is coming up, make sure that you send a card or a small gift, such as a box of chocolates, or a beautiful pen, etc.

If one of their kids has a recital or a game in the near future, then send a “good luck” card. Don’t go too far and show up at the game however, but just let them know that you’re aware.

If it’s important enough for your client to mention something, then you should be noting it down. Make sure you keep a database of birthdays, favorite flowers, favorite drinks, and anything else that they’re interested in.

Once you realize that you the individual, is the product that you’re initially selling first, then the actual product or service that you’re marketing, will sell itself.