Who’s To Blame When Siblings Can’t Get Along With Each Other

It’s not the strong who will hurt you, it’s the weak who will try. They try to enrich their empty lives, by attempting to take away from you, to fill their empty dreams. Be aware watch your back. Look into their darting eyes, scheming to deceive, to slink in and out of the shadows, as they carve another notch in their karma belt.

What’s known is getting along with siblings, is the route that needs to be taken, this when growing older. Not all siblings however are going to get along. Their enlarged ego prevents them from getting over grudges, the divides which compounds into spite, refusing to learn how to forgive.

The dysfunction occurs when siblings can’t get along. Is it genetics or the parents fault. What children will do is observe their parents behavior and follow their lead. If they see that their mom doesn’t get along with her brother, they think that’s okay, and will behave the same way.

A sibling rivalry is one of the biggest heart breaks for parents growing older, wondering where they went wrong. What they want, plead, is peace among their children before they die. So get over your differences, as harmony is needed.

Honesty Among Siblings
Any relationship, personal or professional, honesty is the cornerstone quality. Siblings who are able to be honest, open, and fair, as blood is thicker than water, becomes critical. What needs to be dismissed is the hierarchy of birth, accepting that birth order does not matter.

When it comes to siblings, what you know is their best and worst behavior across their lifespan, you know their secrets, flaws, this better than their own spouse or partners ever will.

Siblings will be there to protect you, to cover for you, to give you the benefit of the doubt. A loving sibling will not compete against you, but find ways to support.

What honesty between adult siblings does, is provides the grounds for the expression of differences they may have, this without the need to pretend to agree when they don’t. They can compromise and find mutual ground.

Just Be Real
Once siblings agree to be honest with each other, while keeping the lines of communication open, then there’s mutual trust that develops, and not the need to be wary of a knife in their back.

Siblings that get along will always choose to forgive, find ways to mend bridges, so they can all move forward. There’s no other relationship other than siblings, where this happens.

When speaking about sensitive or inflammatory topics with each other, it’s important to know that this “honesty” is real. Honesty isn’t about attempting to impose or coerce your beliefs on them.

It’s about accepting ownership, communicating and risking emotional intimacy. To facilitate open honest dialect, this on a platform of trust both earned and granted, as everyone makes mistakes.

Trust Among Siblings
Trust is a difficult construct, as what it does is encourages the willingness for both to put faith in each other, while being worthy enough to expect the same in return.

Families where conflict exists, finding this trust proves difficult. The parents may be to blame, as this trust, this mutual support for each other, wasn’t instilled at a young age in their children. Then over the course of their lives, they find it difficult to trust anyone.

Home with family, sitting at the dinner table, is where most feel the safest, the most vulnerable, where they let their guards down, where they can lick their wounds. Most allow themselves to be seen at their weakest, when surrounded by family.

When there’s trust, siblings can then confidently share and disclose. But if there’s a lack of trust in the family, even the youngest child will hesitate to share their personal feelings.

Some raise their children to withhold their trust from others. As they mature, this lack of trust graduates into not being able to trust their siblings, or anyone else. It becomes more difficult to learn how to trust as adults.


Loyalty Between Siblings
Parents of successful families preach loyalty among each other. These parents will plead with their children to always stand up for one another, and be obligated to defend the family name.

This loyalty can be an intriguing combination of unquestioned loyalty and union, while coexisting with the rivalry that exists among each other.

Siblings may have their differences at home, but beyond that, will trust and be completely honest with each other, protect each other, when major issues arise.

Healthy loyalty between family members, means defending and protecting each other from the cruel world out there, sticking with them when they’re victimized or bullied, keeping their secrets intact.

Support For Siblings
Siblings will unconditionally support each other, since it’s their flesh and blood. What some will do is offer their emotional support, while others will provide instrumental support for a sibling in need.

They will look out for them, offer them a place to stay, help them monetarily, as they know they would do the same for them. It’s a priority that their sibling is well accommodated for first.

Brothers are more less likely to seek out emotional support, or may be too embarrassed or proud to do so. Sisters are usually more openly ready to receive this emotional support from their closest sibling.

Regardless of gender, what all siblings benefit from, is support from each other. Most often, the best support, is when they’re least expecting it.

The DNA of siblings suggests that they can become the best of friends, as they share similar values, customs, and environment.

Sibling rivalries exists because of a selfish ego. Instead, choose to show gratitude towards your aging parents, and just let things go.