Why You Can No Longer Rely On Working Towards A Happy Living

connecting with yourselfThe protocol goes something like this. We go to school, get the best education we can, which translates into getting a higher paying job. We then exert sweat equity after finding this decent paying job, work hard, all this to save for and then enjoy a safe and quiet retirement. But what happens is the majority of us will fail life for a variety of reasons.

Decades ago, working for a living meant working for a company for 50 years. To hold a safe secure job, gain seniority, and then retire. This concept however is now flawed because of the quickening information age we live in. What we’re now faced with is automation, outsourcing, and cheap labor.

It’s now the code for any company to remain competitive, is to cut as many costs as possible, this by replacing it with technology or to find inexpensive global labor.

Living Life On The Mundane
What then results is most work in fear, as the pressure to perform and remain relevant becomes almost unbearable, as it appears there’s no light at the end of the funnel.

What compounds the issue is spending feverishly on things we don’t need, this to temporarily buy a few hours of empty happiness.

Shopping becomes the daily mantra, purchase junk, perform mundane acts of attempting to live a happy life. Instead of connecting with ourselves, we connect with our money. Then the outcome becomes stagnating.

Surviving The Disillusion
So the key becomes to avoid this in the first place. This by going back to the foundation, this by realizing that we’re all spiritual beings, one who creates our own human experiences, and not the other way around.

What we’ve chosen is to live our life towards having certain experiences. Realize that a certain spiritual path was predetermined, selected for you before you were born. You don’t really own your body, you don’t really own your mind or thoughts.

The most important solve that you have in your life is finding out who you are. If you devote the time, you’ll find the answer, which may surprise you. Knowing who you are, becomes the key to living your life the way that it was destined from the beginning.

To Reconnect
This isn’t religious mumble jumbo. It’s about realizing that there’s a higher power which guides us, and it’s our duty in our lifetime to reconnect with this spiritual being.

What nature did was give us a body, but didn’t provide an owner’s manual. At birth, we’re given a jigsaw puzzle along with a radio receiver, one that you need to assemble yourself.

Once it’s solved, if all the parts are connected correctly, you’re then able to transmit and receive the signals to and from the universe.

These “radio” connections that you transmit are unlimited. You can then subconsciously send and receive information from every person in this universe, regardless of who. This is referred to as the inter-connectiveness of everything.

We’re All Connected
What quantum physics shows is that we’re all connected with each other and that we’re all made out of the same substance. This confirms that we’re all one mind, but in various forms. Once you have a thought, it may not be yours, most likely not originated from you.

To live a fulfilled life, what you want is to solve who you are, the quicker the better. The reason because once you’ve found your owners manual, all you then need is to just follow the path, this by instinctively using your mind and feelings accordingly.

Apple Taste Test
Then you’ll know you’re on the right path, one that you never need to think about. This is the difference between someone describing what an apple tastes like, and you eating the apple yourself.

The instance you taste an apple, you know how it tastes. Once you know firsthand, no one can take it away from you, or tell you otherwise. Even if others attempt to describe what it tastes like, there’s no need to listen to them, as you know the truth.


So find your particular strength; understand your uniqueness. There’s no other person on earth who’s the same as you, who has the same DNA. If you’re not aware of who you are, then start finding out right now.

Realize Your Uniqueness
The moment that you understand and then begin experiencing your uniqueness, then you’ll begin living your life in a extraordinary way, and not become another clone. Everything else then becomes a lie.

This unique life is what you’ve dreamed of. So allow yourself to think about what this dream is and then explore it. What your mind may initially do is reject it at first, but instead think out of the box, as nothing bad will happen.

You’re just exploring it in your mind. You’re just connecting with your life destiny, the reason why you walk on this earth.

Dreams Become Reality
What you’ll then do is either begin to live your dreams, while also start following them, or you’ll allow fear to take over, and then dismiss these aspirations.

Following your dreams leads to a fulfilling brilliant life, while failing to do so leads to a life of boredom. You’ll live a small slow death, as everything, your life force, will slowly be sucked out of you.

What’s not important is how long that you live on this earth, as time is an illusion. You can live a fulfilled life this very moment, this when you’re in touch with your dreams.

It can be so powerful that the “moment” can feel eternal. Everything is realized at this very instance, and there’s nothing else to accomplish, as at this moment; you’re experiencing life to its fullest.