Top 10 Beverages Which Guarantees Weight Loss

7. Black Coffee

For those coffee lovers who just can’t go without, to get your fix, consider drinking just black coffee, provided the bitter taste can be tolerated. What pure caffeine does is reduces hunger while heating up your body to boost metabolism. These benefits are only realized however, by avoiding sugar and heavy cream. You might want to try honey and skimmed milk instead.

6. Skimmed Milk

Milk traditionally is an awesome way to keep the bones strong, and an excellent source of Vitamin D. What it also contains is unwanted fat, so consider skimmed milk instead. What it contains are all the vitamins, with the fat removed. Skimmed milk also has twice the amount of calcium than does 2% percent milk.

5. Pineapple Frappe

Just the name sounds tempting as an inviting exotic drink, which has an added benefit of keeping your weight in check. A pineapple frappe, although it sounds daring, is just blending in a tablespoon of flax seeds with low fat, sugar free pineapple juice. You’ll then feel that you’re on vacation somewhere sitting on the beach, all while maintaining your weight.