10 Needs Which Contributes To Our Survival As A Human Being

There are now over 7 billion plus humans and counting. We must be doing something right, and we’re not going away anytime soon, unless there’s some universal catastrophe, or an unavoidable act of god of mythical proportions. We remain living by the concept which is, “survival of the fittest.” Everything in life, whether it’s athletics, a singing competition, trying to close that sale, is a constant fight for survival, where we humans will go against the elements or each other to win. Every day that we wake up becomes a struggle, to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we’re still fit and capable of living and performing the day ahead.

10. Good Mental Attitude

What we live in is a rapid “fast food” lifestyle. It’s human nature to constantly resort to the fight or flight protocol, as we conform to being the best we can, regardless of what the conditions are. It’s basic instinct for us to face and fight all obstacles. So it remains vital for us to maintain a positive mental attitude. No matter what, we need to find ways to overcome any and all situations, this by being mindful and determined.

9. Security

Security is safety, feeling protected. Every individual has the right to their own personal safety, as there’s the persistent fear of infringement from the unknown, which violates our human rights. It’s realized that these rights can be attacked at any point, thus the need to personally protect ourselves with the latest of security, the best way we can. What exists are the external sources such as the police, the law, but what we need is to self protect ourselves first.

8. Intimate Relationships

Humans are designed to have a partner, this because we are social animals. There’s a void and a sense of emptiness without one, along with the lack of motivation or support once things get difficult. One also can’t express their feelings, make love, reproduce, feel complete, without a partner. We live in a society where we need groups, tribes, friends, and family, this to share ideas, feel loved and be wanted.