Top 10 Needs To Survive As A Human Being

There are now over 7 billion plus humans and counting. We must be doing something right, and we’re not going away anytime soon, unless there’s some universal catastrophe, or an unavoidable act of god of mythical proportions.

We remain living by the concept which is, “survival of the fittest.” Everything in life, whether it’s athletics, a singing competition, trying to close that sale, is a constant fight for survival, where we humans will go against the elements or each other to win.

Every day that we wake up becomes a …

If You Want To Live Longer The Solution Is To Exercise More

just exercise moreThose who think that sitting and vegetating on their couch is a cool preferred thing to do, thinking that those who jog are weird vegans who look ridiculous. But what you also want is to live a long life, so know that your sedentary lifestyle is shortening it.

Cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death in North America. Over 600,000 perish from cardiac arrest annually, resulting in over $100 billion in healthcare costs. There’s also the emotional and psychological turmoil that cardiovascular disease creates.

So the best way …

Key Secrets To Longevity Living A Longer Healthier Life

how and why friends and family extends our livesNorth Americans are known to spend more on health care than almost any other developed nation in the world. When compared to the other industrialized countries, the life expectancy for males is 76.6 years old, and 81.7 for women.

Some found these statistics alarming, so health experts performed an extensive study on what the reasons were for these shorter life spans, and focused on the causes.

One of the main culprits was substance abuse such as excessive alcohol and eating fat laden foods which contributes to illness such as, lung …