10 Traditional “Old Wives” Tales Which May Be True Or Not

7. Chicken Soup Cures Colds

There’s some truth to this famous old wives tale which is centuries old. Based on scientific research, there’s a particular compound that’s found in mom’s chicken soup known as carnosine, that helps the body’s immune system fight off the early stages of the common cold and even the flu. Chicken soup also reduces inflammation by blocking out the movement of inflammatory white blood cells. To treat a cold, both canned and homemade chicken soups are beneficial.

6. Swimming After Eating

Which can cause cramps, so it’s a good idea not to do so. But what’s worse is that those who goes swimming on a full stomach, has a higher risk of drowning. Based on autopsies of those who accidentally drowned, it was found that close to 80% of these swimmers, had abnormally high amounts of food in their stomach. So to be safe, wait at least half an hour after eating.

5. Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis

Cracking knuckles makes an annoying sound, but won’t cause arthritis, this based on a study analyzing persistent knuckle-crackers. There was no difference that was found when it came to osteoarthritis. However, what was found was that the chronic knuckle-crackers, had weaker grip strength along with greater hand swelling, which at times can limit dexterity. So it’s best to stop this bad habit.