7 Ways To Expand Your Creative Genius

We all have this built in innate ability to think creatively out of the box. We inherited this when we were born. It’s all about focusing and learning how to consistently do it, as that’s all that matters.

There are ways to explore and expand how you can learn how to tap in and access, and activate your natural creativity.

What doing so will do, is open up a brilliant new world for you.

1.) – Think Back When You Were A Child

We as adults constantly think in a predetermined and conditioned way, which is aimed at attempting to show how clever, mature or organized we are.

When we were a carefree child however, with no worries or burden, we acted spontaneous and our creative imagination ran wild. So the key is to re-capture the curiosity you had as a child.

Allow your mind to just wander and day dream, while being completely aware and present “in the moment.”

Then attempt to detach yourself, from what is real and what you thought was fantasy as a child.

2.) – Begin Making New Connections

For you to become innovative, the ability to be creative does not require a masters degree in advanced thinking.

All it needs is the ability to make a connection, between all of the ideas that already exists in the world and in your thoughts.

For example, did you know one of our favorite desserts, ice cream, was invented centuries ago.

But it wasn’t until recently, that someone connected frozen ice cream with a edible cone.

That’s what happens when you take two seemingly unrelated items, which appears to have no connection whatsoever, and with the magic of imagination, a simple idea can be created.

3.) – Become A Tad Illogical And Off The Rocker

It’s a rather peculiar human trait, to want to tie things up in neat little bundles. To be tidy and neat.

We all prefer logical solutions to solving problems, and easy answers to difficult questions.

To become more creative, you need to feel alot more comfortable, with things that don’t fit in with one another.

Eastern culture such as in Asia, thinks a bit more abstract, and in tune a little more with incongruity.

There is a famous Zen koan, which is a philosophical riddle that asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”


4.) – Find Humor Learn To Laugh More

A famous author once said, “The creativity of a work place can be measured by using a laugh meter, and how much it registers.”

Using humor is one of the greatest creative lubricants you can use.

Laughter will jolt you out of your normal thinking patterns, and will suddenly connect ideas together that really shouldn’t go together.

It’s been tested that once someone has watched a funny comedy or a standup routine, the subjects’ ability to solve problems significantly increased.

5.) – Think Outside The Box And Push Your Limits

Some of the greatest innovative products that we use and take for granted today, were the result of someone thinking outside the box, and beyond their limits.

For instance, there was a computer conference decades ago in a hotel, where someone joked that the next thing they would be using was some type of computerized door system.

At the same seminar some 20 years later, all the doors of the hotel rooms, were using computer code programmed key cards.

6.) – First Adopt Then Adapt

Being creative does not need to be out of mind “Einstein” level thinking.

You can be creative by just adapting to what works elsewhere.

American Airlines for instance, wanted quicker turnarounds for their international flights. So they decided to adopt and emulate the techniques used by Formula One Race Car pit crews.

Another excellent source of creative ideas is nature, as in mother nature.

Someone once observed the way how certain seeds will cling to clothing, and then as a result invented the now famous Velcro.

7.) – Keeping Track And Remembering Your Dreams

What dreaming as well as day-dreaming does, is reveals and creates rich seams of creative ideas.

It’s when we are completely relaxed, and allow our subconscious mind to wander and work without disturbance, is when brilliance occurs.

The Roffey Management Institute calls this technique “washing-up creativity.”

This is because most of our flashes of inspiration occurs, when we are walking our dog, jogging, soaking in a bathtubg, doing the laundry or on a long distance drive in the country.

Just Apply

The key is to apply as many of these creative building exercise as possible. Make them a regular part of your daily thinking routine.

Then it becomes virtually guaranteed new creative solutions to all of your problems will begin to present itself.

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