How To Get Lazy Distracted Surfers To Read Your Dormant Blog

Some will chose to frown if you tell them you blog. Many think it’s just nerds on a keyboard typing out fake news, this to get “click bait” response, this to earn revenue. The truth being, what blogs does is creates an unbiased bridge between the reader and a company, product, or service.

Starting a blog is easy, creating effective readable informative content can prove to be difficult, while getting traffic to your blog, attracting active readers that converts, is a challenge. What you can also have is an appealing and informative blog, but if there’s no serious effort to promote it, it’s no more than a needle in a haystack, .

Driving targeted readers as efficient and inexpensive as possible, becomes a chore. What competition, finicky SEO, and poor site design does is prevents your blog from being read. Getting targeted traffic, is a constantly moving target, so one needs to be proactive.

Begin By Creating Engaging Content
The first step is creating quality unique informative engaging content for your blog. Realize that competition is stiff in your niche, and everyone has differing opinions than you do. Create content which solves your readers problems, while giving them a rich concise explanation.

Live up to the expectations of your targeted audience, this by providing them with content that could help them and nothing more. Leave out the fluff.

Suitable Appealing Theme
Everyone gets their first impressions and opinions visually. So what’s paramount, is having a blog design theme that compliments your niche and information. What a good site design does, is leaves a favorable lasting impression on the readers mind.

The design should be effectively tailored to showcase the purpose of your blog, so take the time to pick one that appeals, offering a great users experience. This encourages readers to stay on your site longer.

Focus On SEO
The efficient way to rank high on the search engines, is by optimizing the title of your blog, along with writing a concise description of your post.

If using WordPress, there are free SEO plugins such as All In One SEO, or Yoast SEO, which analyzes title tags and meta descriptions for each of your posts.

You need to make sure that the title and meta descriptions, contain all the relevant keywords that you want to use, along with it being readable, while accurately summarizing your content precisely.

Marketing On Social Media
What’s now critical is marketing your blog posts on all of the major social media platforms, this to drive engaging peer-to-peer traffic. What doing so does is allows you to share your content to specific connected groups.

What’s proven effective, is adding social sharing icons on all your blog posts, as this allows your readers who likes your content, to share to their social media friends, hopefully spreading virally.

Customized Permalinks On Blog
What a platform such as WordPress does, is allows you to internally optimize your content, this by ensuring that the URL of your blog posts, contains all the relevant keywords, this for SEO purposes.

WordPress is capable of generating a permalink for you immediately and automatically, once you publish your content. Doing so makes your information more readable, easier to find, and it describes what your content is about.

Invite Guest Posting
Guest posting refers to allowing others to write and post on your blog, hopefully an authority blogger. What this can do is boost your blogs web presence, as it can potentially attract a larger reader base online.

What you can do is promote the guest post, this by encouraging visitors to come by. What doing so not only promotes your blog, but also gives you an external link from the authority site, which improves your ranking on the search engines.

Use Of Videos
What most prefer is to watch videos instead of read. So what attracts an audience is using videos from YouTube, or create your own, this to visually convey your message, which can connect more effectively.


Since it’s a proven marketing technique, what’s needed is creativity on your part. Begin creating videos which are simple and concise, then gradually elevate to something that’s more innovative and awe inspiring.

Use Of Email marketing
Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways, to help you retain and promote the readership of your blog. All you need is to capture and create an email list, this by adding new subscribers from your blog.

Those who’ll bother to take the time to subscribe, by giving you their email address, are engaged and want more information from you. The subscribers will also at times help you share and promote your content.

So take the time to build an email list, as it’s a proven method for effective marketing, which caters to an audience who’s eager to convert.

Constantly Update Your Blog
Make it a ritual of your marketing process, to blog relevant unique content on a consistent basis. Make sure that the content is informative and trendy. If you blog once a day or every other day, then stay on that schedule.

What publishing regular content does is gives your readers an excuse to come back to your blog, while also alerting the major search engines to return back to your site for indexing. You’re proving that you’re a serious blogger.

To get consistent targeted traffic, all of the core basic methods of setting up your blog needs to be in place. Most are free or affordable, but are vital steps to take.

Once these basics of online marketing are in place, all that’s needed is sending as much traffic as you can to it, which increases the chances of the visitor converting, and you earning income.