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seo-link-baitLink building is not fun, it can be monotonously boring and time consuming, but is one of the key components of ranking your blog or website high with the search engines, such as Google and friends. As a result, there has been countless theories and techniques that have evolved and been developed to capitalize on one of the biggest mysteries of SEO, attempting to attain the Number 1 or first page top ranking position for your site. The reward of course is you getting thousands of free search engine traffic for your niche or keyword. Link baiting is one of the best methods to use to build incoming links.

What Is Link Baiting?

Link baiting, for free, will quickly boost the link popularity of your website, and because of that, has quickly become a very popular and effective method of promoting sites and blogs. When done properly, it will shoot your site up the search engine rankings. Because of the viral nature of link baiting, inbound links will quickly increase without utilizing any additional input after it’s been setup. Although it has come to criticism as some purists view it as a bit of a ‘greyhat” technique, regardless, link baiting is popular with a lot of top SEO experts because the technique works.

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So, what is and how do you use link baiting? Link baiting is the creation of unique relevant content that spreads throughout the internet like a virus, and no, not the type of virus that infects your computers hard drive. Link baiting refers to the writing of viral content that’s made available for free online. Content such as: software, useful applications, news releases, articles, humorous material, gossip, or controversial material.

The goal of spreading this viral content is to attract interest from other web publishers within the same industry, who will in return, add your links to their website or blog because they either like or consider your material to be important, original, or useful for their own sites visitors. So the material used in link baiting should be valuable, informative and resourceful to other readers. It may also be ‘shock’ news such as gossip or a rumor posted on a web site, for the purpose of “hooking” as many links and thus readers as possible.

Link baiting does not involve the requesting of any direct backlinks from other webmasters. These webmasters will gladly and voluntarily link back to your website, provided your material is good. This technique is a lot safer than say, reciprocal linking or the purchasing of links which can actually get a site owner de-indexed.

Get BackTrack SEO
chris-lopez-seo-expert-link-baitBacktrack SEO is straight forward, low tech, but highly effective SEO for the rest of us. There are thousands of things you can learn about search engine optimization. Experts are rolling in data and tricks from years of testing, tweaking, and reacting to constant changes the engines roll out to keep spammers at bay.

This course was created so you don’t have to spend any more time or another dime on any further SEO training and get ranked for lots of keywords in your niche.

Backtrack SEO focuses only on the constants in successful search engine ranking:

– Properly (lightly) optimized, quality content
– Links from relevant sites and content
– Social mentions or “buzz”
– Quality rules and always will
– Google will always try to verify the value of content through the eyes of the intended audience – no matter what tweaks they make to their algorithm
– Only a very few things are actually crucial to getting ranked. And that’s what is included in Backtrack SEO.

Will you ever need or want to become a professional SEO expert to get top 10 rankings?
You might like it and want to know more, but you’ll never have to know more than is in this simple course if you don’t want to.
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So How Do You Link Bait?
What you need to do, if you’re going to properly ‘link-bait’, is to of course develop a good ‘hook’. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of different hooks that you can implement. These can be: applications, software, news releases, articles etc. Where link baiting enters the ‘greyhat’ area is that there can be ‘nice’ hooks or there can be ‘nasty’ hooks. Obviously most of the main stream SEO experts do not promote nor recommend using nasty hooks. Using these may invite unexpected consequences such as your website not being indexed in the search engines or even litigation.

Creating Good Link Bait
So how do you create good ‘link bait’ with the highest probability of success? You have to actively know and study the latest current trends out there, the latest news and any relevant gossip or rumors circulating the web. Find the most popular, or the most intriguing topics, or create one in a void niche and then address it.

Once you have decided on a niche, theme or subject, you have written the material, you must then promote it. It’s obviously easier to promote something if you’re a well-known blogger or author. If you aren’t, try contacting someone well known and ask for his or her help. You should never ask for a link back to your website because most people will just get annoyed. If the material you are promoting has good content, it will have it’s own legs and most likely get noticed, read and then linked automatically without having to ask anyone to link back to you. So write or develop something that “catches the eye” and will spread over the net like wildfire, and as a result attract lots of relevant quality visitors to your site.

Link baiting has somewhat become popular again lately because of the increase in popularity of RSS and blogs, which provides site owners with an easy method of posting material online.

Disadvantages Of Link Baiting
The main disadvantage of link-baiting is that it’s usually too time consuming and can also be difficult to develop. You have to research and then write compelling and original material for link baiting. This takes a great deal of time as your utmost effort on research as well as brainstorming is needed.

Link baiting to some may seem like it’s not really worth the effort based on the time and effort required. But well orchestrated link baiting techniques enables any webmaster to generate massive free links from well-known blogs and sites, and even at times top authority sites in your industry that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to obtain. It can save you thousands of dollars in online advertising costs to obtain these back links which can potentially generate a ton of free traffic and sales by attracting quality focused traffic to your site. A lot of top SEO experts recommend it, as link baiting has grown into a mainstream marketing method for many webmasters.
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