Remedies To Naturally Reduce That Pounding Migraine Headache

to reduce a migraineThe definition of a migraine headache is that it’s an extended form of head pain which involves pressurized blood vessels, this usually on one side of the brain. The blood vessel, most likely an artery, does is enlarges in the brain, which causes the pain.

This blood vessel tightens while pressurizing the nerve fibers which are wrapped around the vessel, causing the surrounding nerves to release certain biochemicals. What’s detected is that something’s not right, which causes the inflammation, enlarging the artery.

The artery enlargement continues as the nerves become further stimulated as the headache increases. When looking at the circulatory system, the artery that’s affected is most likely the common carotid artery.

There are two arteries which runs on either side of the brain. They further stem into an external and internal carotid artery.

The external branch is closer to the surface, while the internal artery is deeper in the brain. It’s thought that it’s the external artery, which aggravates the migraine headache.

The Attack Of The Migraine
There are millions who suffers from migraine headaches on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. The intense throbbing pain that’s felt when experiencing one of these headaches, is also usually accompanied by sensitivity to light along with nausea.

To make this situation worse, most migraine headaches are usually a chronic condition, this beginning early in childhood or early adolescence, which continues through adulthood. For these reasons is why effective migraine remedies are in constant demand.

Remedy For That Pounding Head
The most common response that most rely on is the over the counter pain medication, which promises prompt relief, or if it’s persistent, prescription medication to rid of this painful annoying affliction.

What many are finding however is that these headache reduction methods don’t always work, as migraines will vary in severity when attacking.

The danger is also that there can be an over dependence on the medication once taking them too often, even if they produce relief or not. So alternate cures are needed, and why most are turning towards natural solutions for migraine relief.

If you’re choosing to go a more organic route for effective treatment, there are certain safe and proven natural migraine treatment remedies, which has been tested effective.

For centuries, feverfew or (Tanacetum parthenium) which is a herb has been found helpful as an effective remedy for a variety of ailments. The primary healing property of this plant is the medicinal compound parthenolide.

How or why it works isn’t clearly understood, only that it does, while also being a safe natural way without any side effects.

What studies have shown is that it’s one of the best natural sources for migraine relief. The best method for feverfew is to brew as a tea, chew on a few leaves, or take in supplemental form.

Lavender Or Peppermint Essential Oil
When you’re caught in the crossfires of a migraine, you can often become extremely sensitive to bright lighting and strong odors.

This is the reason why some swear that using a topical application of undiluted or diluted lavender or peppermint essential oils, placed directly on the forehead and temple, can provide soothing relief from a chronic migraine.

For many, it’s found that this particular treatment does is eases the pain, while the pleasant yet distinct smell helps in masking the unpleasant odors which are associated with nausea.


Ginger Root
Ginger is more known to give food a distinct kick in flavor, but for centuries, it’s been used as a natural medicinal agent, this especially for the treatment of neurological issues.

So fast forward to modern day healing, as many practitioners are now recommending ginger to relieve migraines. The best results is taking it dried or fresh, in an extract or in supplemental form.

Valerian Root
Valerian is an ancient migraine remedy which has also stood the test of time. What its potent sedative properties can do is relieve the tension along with over contracted muscle symptoms, which are usually associated with a pounding headache.

Taking this solution may also aid in helping one get some much needed sleep, this from the prolonged suffering from the headache, which can often last an entire day.

Steeping valerian root tea or taken in tincture form, has proven effective for this purpose, along with supplements which contain the extract.

Yes Caffeine Yes
Since migraines are caused by the widening of the blood vessels in the brain, a process known as vasodilation, what’s needed is a solution to reverse this.

What small doses of caffeine can do is combat this by causing the enlarged blood vessels to constrict back to its normal state. So it can be helpful to have a cup of coffee or black tea, this especially whenever you feel a migraine coming on.

Always Stay Hydrated
What’s known is that dehydration is one of the biggest contributors when it comes to bringing on a migraine headache, so it becomes important to remain well hydrated, especially if you’re prone.

By drinking a few glasses of water, this before you feel the symptoms coming on and before it reaches full strength, can help in alleviating the symptoms or even at times prevent it from happening.

Regulating Body Temperature
Some will complain that their head feels hot, heavy, and at times sweaty during a migraine. This is because of the blood that’s racing towards the head.

To get some relief, soak your feet and hands in a warm bath, with an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on the stem of the neck. Doing so slows the blood rushing to the head while encouraging the blood to flow away, which then reduces the pain of the migraine.

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