Spring Cleaning Tips To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

6. Loud Clapping

Clap not because Spring is here, but because what crisp sounds and vibrations, ones which comes from noises such as sudden hand clapping does, is chases away and rids of negative energy patterns. What’s traditionally known in some cultures, is that loud crystal clear sounds has powerful cleansing properties, to ward off evil spirits.

When it comes to loud sudden sounds, there’s nothing better or at times more terrifying, than the sudden crack of thunderstorms, or the instant awareness that a loud church bell creates. Along with clapping, also try drums, bells, chimes, to chase away negative energy in the home.

5. Use Sea Salt

Sea salt is traditionally known to remove negative energy from the home, along with cleansing the individual as well. It’s believed that what sea salt does, is helps generate negative ions in the air, which in turn creates positive vibes.

Begin by dissolving a few teaspoons of sea salt in warm water, and then put in a spray bottle. Spray this solution in the air, as well as in the corners of every room. Also sprinkle fine crystal sea salt on the floor, in a northeast to southwest direction. Leave overnight, then vacuum the salt the next day.

4. Allow Fresh Air And Sunlight

Once the warmer weather arrives, allow fresh air and sunshine to enter inside the home, which chases out the bad negative stagnant air. The purest natural energy source remains Mother nature, and is guaranteed to make everyone feel better. So allow plenty of heavenly sunshine and fresh air to filter in.

On a daily basis, open all the doors and windows and invite the fresh oxygen in, and feel the negative emotions dissipate. What exposing the body to early morning sunlight also does, is injects much needed vitamin D in the body. Make sure that all the house plants and pets, get sunlight as well.