Spring Cleaning Tips To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Spring has sprung. The enclosed areas in the home, especially in colder weather, has been bottled up with negative energy, which needs to be removed as the warmer weather arrives. It can’t been seen but definitely felt, as the energy in the home influences everyone’s overall mental state. This negative energy is also known to contribute towards disrupting family relationships, elevate conflict, resulting in stress and anxiety. So what needs to be altered is the shifting or removal of this dormant energy from the home, which restores balance and harmony in ones life, providing that peaceful easy feeling.

9. Spring Cleaning

What entering a clean bright clutter free room does is enlightens you, as spirits lift. What a dark cluttered static room has is the opposite effect, this because what enclosed areas where the air doesn’t circulate does, is invites negative energy. Every time that you clean, automatically removes this stagnant energy.

The Spring cleansing ritual should include the entire process, vacuuming, scrubbing, polishing each and every room of your home. Clean every corner and crevice, wash all the windows, wipe down all the doors, make everything sparkling clean again.

8. Add New Plants

One of the most effective ways of removing negative energy is by using Mother Nature, which provides a variety of options. There are plenty of herbs and plants available, that plays a key role in dissolving negative energy, while balancing and reconnecting oneself to the natural world.

So what adding new fresh plants in the home once Spring rolls around does, is beautifies the home with natural greenness and oxygen. Some excellent new plants to consider include sage, bamboo, basil, rosemary, orchid, jasmine, or aloe-vera.

7.Use Of Essential Oils

Another excellent method of clearing out negative energy, is by using essential oils. What the strong potent aroma of these oils does is regenerates, while naturally refreshing the home by its scent. What certain essential oils also has are medicinal benefits, such as their antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Begin by experimenting a variety of essential oil scents, such as lavender, lemon, orange, rose, peppermint, or sage. Use 30 or so drops of your favorite essential oil in spring water, and put in a spray bottle. Walk around spraying all areas of the home, especially the corners of every room, the doors and windows for maximum effect.