10 Chemical Food Additives That Should Be Avoided

7. Sodium Nitrate

This for those who enjoys processed meat products. It becomes important to check the amount of sodium nitrates/nitrites that these types of foods contain. Nitrates are a preservative which are generally considered harmless, this until they enter the body. Once digested, what they do is break down into carcinogenic substances. What nitrate also does is keeps the beef on the grocer shelves bright red.

6. Sulfur Dioxide

The use of sulfur dioxide (E220) is now banned in most countries. The most common utilization of sulfur dioxide is maintaining the taste and appearance of dried fruits and vegetables. Although they may preserve the taste, what they’ll remove are vital nutrients such as vitamins B1 and E. Symptoms include bronchial issues, hypertension, and anaphylactic shock. Foods which may contain sulfur dioxide include vinegar, soft drinks, potato products, and wine.

5. E320 Preservative

E320 added as a preservative is commonly found in vegetable oil, potato chips, cereals, and chewing gum. What E320 such as BHA and BHT does is prevents food from changing color or tasting rancid. What these preservatives has shown is to alter behavior, and because they’re also an oxidant, they’re capable of developing cancer causing compounds in the body.