10 Chemical Food Additives That Should Be Avoided

4. Sodium Sulfite

According to the FDA, most will suffer moderate to severe side effects when it comes to ingesting sulfites, the most common being asthma. Milder symptoms include headaches to rashes, while severe reactions can be breathing issues that can be fatal. Sodium sulfite plays a certain role during the commercial wine-making process.

3. Food Dyes

What many, especially children are tempted is trying out the wild vivid colors when it comes to fruit juice or soda. What’s known however, is that it’s these food dyes used to alter the color, is what causes behavioral issues and the reduction of IQ in children. It’s found to be one of the key reasons why kids become ill. Because of their significant side effects, several countries in Europe has banned them.

2. Trans Fat

Trans fats are considered among the most dangerous additives to ingest, this particularly because what they do is increase the levels of LDL while decreasing HDL cholesterol. Those who regularly consume shopping mall fast food or deep-fried food in general on a regular basis, become prone to suffer heart attacks, stroke, cardiovascular disease, while increasing the chances of diabetes.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, particularly E951, are commonly found in foods and beverages which are marked as sugar free or low fat. Their main purpose is to maintain the sweetness of food or drink. It’s main ingredient and culprit, aspartame, is a neurotoxin as well as a carcinogen. Some of the side effects of consistent use includes short-term memory loss, headaches, eroded cognitive function, which has a chain reaction of several lethal medical conditions.