7 Steps On How To Start A Morning Running Routine For Fitness

4.Jolt Of Caffeine

Although not always necessary, it could help some who may be struggling to get out of bed, and function properly first thing in the morning. In addition to getting everything ready, what can help to get your morning run off to a good start, is enjoying a quick coffee to get you motivated.

What research has proven, is that getting caffeine in your system, can do is help you exercise better as well as for longer, this by getting your sweat glands and adrenaline activated. Some find they don’t need the caffeine injection, but it’s an excellent strategy to effectively kick-start your run.

3. Stretching Properly

What’s vitally important to avoid getting injured, is to warm up all your muscles before the run, this by properly stretching. What doing extended stretching especially before and after the run does, is gets your muscles warmed up and flexible, because they’re in a state of rest once you wake up.

Make sure that you stretch out all of your leg and hip muscles, this by doing leg lifts and simulated jogging. It’s important to start the run slowly, then build up to a faster pace. An easy way to get injured is not the running motion itself, but your muscles not being properly stretched to absorb the impact.

2. The Proper Mindset To Run

The biggest issue of not wanting to run, is not being properly prepared, this once you get out of bed. Needing to find your gear, such as your shoes, clothing, and accessories such as your iPod, can easily discourage you, as you head back to sleep. So develop the mindset of making running a habit, and you’ll thank yourself that you did, this once the endorphins kick in.

So prepare yourself, psyche yourself up the night before, this both physically and mentally. Be determined, that you’re going for a run regardless of how you feel, or how the weather is acting. Ideally, what you want is to be as mentally ready as possible.

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The key distraction that can easily derail your plans to run in the morning, is by not getting enough rest the night before. If you think that it’s hard enough to get up in the morning thinking you got enough sleep, then try functioning with only 5 or so hours of sleep a night.


To dedicate yourself for your morning runs and keeping it going, what you need is to know exactly what time you’re going to sleep, and what time your getting up. This all begins with getting to bed at the same time each night. Once you get into a routine, you’ll get the proper sleep you need. If you initially have difficulty falling asleep, then consider natural sleep aids such as melatonin.