Attracting New Relationships By Increasing Your Energy Levels

learnhowyoucannaturallyattractYou can reignite your power of attraction while increasing your natural appeal, which will automatically attract the ideal person towards you, this by being your true authentic self. If you continue to resist this, then you won’t be able to develop that perfect healthy relationship which you’re longing for.

So choose to activate your innate power within you to bring forward these ideal types of relationships that you know is out there and right for you. Reignite that power of your attraction which radiates from your natural inner glow.

If for whatever reason you continue this resistance, although you may believe that you aren’t, you’ll continue to repel that long lost connection. But once you forge your path to your true identity, what that automatically generates is the magnetic force of attracting the right people into your life.

You can access your own unique vibration of energy which discloses your intent, innate power and beauty that’s within to attract whomever you have your mind on.

Begin By Broadcasting Who You Are And What You Want
Whatever you think about you will attract, as if it’s an invisible magnet. When you’re continuously cautious and hold back on your true self, what you attract are similar disappointments back to you.

If you think you’re not worthy enough, sufficient, powerful, smart, or attractive enough to create the reality that you truly want, then you’ll just attract its mirror representation, the exact duplicate of whatever you doubt in yourself.

Attracting Balanced Adjusted Relationships
If you’re looking for someone else to complete you, make you one, to fulfill your other half, what you’ll also attract is an incomplete relationship. What you’re attracting is a partnership which is made up of two half people, which won’t satisfy either person.

Once you feel yourself as sufficient and complete, then you set up an invisible vibration which attracts those with similar qualities. It’s thought that just a photo can portray this.

When you reflect the exact type of vibration that you choose to attract in your life towards someone else, you’ll then be seen and be recognized by the same reflection by someone else looking for the same.

Igniting Your Attraction Power
Balance your own energy to reignite your power of attraction. When you flood yourself with energy, your body will automatically seek out an original perfect balance.

With practice, you can then stay in this perfect balance effortlessly. What you’re experiencing is your ultimate creative power.

Become Concise On What You Want
Connecting with your innate force spawns a new level of self certainty. Then your confidence soars while you find yourself achieving the goals which you long forgot.

As you begin avoiding or dismissing all the foreign energies which competes for space within your mind and body, you’ll instead become clear, concise, and focused.

Following Your Unique Path
Life is a long journey, and you have everything that you need to maximize this incredible fulfilling path for yourself, so take the steps every day to edge yourself a little closer to reach these life goals.

You’ll then be amazed at how efficient and effectively that you can achieve them, as well as how fun and stress-free that the journey will be.

Increasing Your Natural Appeal With Visualization
Everyone has their own energy which they need to grow. At times, someone from your past may of somehow turned off this burning energy that’s inside you. Then it affects how and what you can attract in your life.

So what you need to do is regain it back, to increase the stored energy which is dormant in your body, this to increase your appeal and attraction.


Activating Your Core Energy Levels
• First, close your eyes, focus, visualize yourself at the control center of your brain where you have complete command of your entire body and being
• Visualize on a scale of 0-100% percent what represents your current state of energy that’s running through your body right now. Get an accurate percentage of this current reading. Don’t judge it, but just register what you see
• Imagine yourself increasing this energy by slowly raising the gauge to full capacity, 100% percent
• Allow the energy from the center of your body which is approximately your navel area, then begin to move it throughout your entire body. Breath in from the navel and then imagine the energy beginning to flow upwards through the torso, then down the arms, and up into the brain
• Allow this energy to flow out of the top of your head much like a fountain. Then allow the energy to flow down to your feet, and then again bring the energy up through your legs which creates a cycle of your own flowing energy
• Choose a color for this energy that’s flowing through the body as you raise it towards 100% percent. Think of your lowest energy as a light blue, and your maximum energy as a bright orange
• Allow yourself to experience this powerful energy by flushing out all the foreign energy from your body. Allow this energy flow for around 5 minutes, then notice how your body feels
• Allow your system to adjust to a level where you feel the most comfortable

Your Attraction Force Is Powerful
Your renewed personal energy will begin to revolutionize or attract the relationship that you want. When you command your own energy, you’ll increase your self-confidence, boost your attractiveness while creating balance.

Those around you will then begin noticing a positive change in you. They won’t be able to pinpoint why, but you’ll know the reason why they’re responding so favorably. Make sure that you practice this energy technique daily, and the end results will astonish you.

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