How Are Those Who Grew Up In The 1970’s Still Even Alive

6 – Helmets Were For Nerds

Whether riding a bike, snowmobiling, horseback riding, or rollerskating in the 1970s, there was no such thing as protecting the head. Why would you, as you’d be taunted by the other kids as having some type of a medical condition, that you were a sideshow freak.

What resulted was many would fall on their exposed heads and see stars for awhile. They would get their bell rung, results from the brain getting scrambled, while feeling dazed and confused for days.

5 – Hot Metal Playgrounds On Soft Skin

Remember playgrounds, they were so much fun. During the hot summer, the chances were good that your soft sensitive butt would be scalded by the hot metal slide, or at the very least, walk home with tetanus. Oh such fun memories. The ground where we landed wasn’t coated with soft recycled rubber like it is today, but they were either asphalt, gravel, or broken glass.

There were numerous concussions from being flung from a spinning merry-go-round, skidding across the pavement, coming to a blunt stop with our head hitting a tree. Good times, just couldn’t remember how we got home.

4 – Routinely Left Unattended And Ignored

Hey, who’s watching little Johnny while daddy is fishing. We were routinely left alone in the car at a young age, while mommy was shopping for groceries. Today, she would get arrested for child abandonment. In the 1970s, it was okay to leave kids for long periods of time without supervision, and no one cared.

During the summer or on weekends in the 1970s, parents would routinely kick us out of the house at noon, lock the door, and told us not to come home until dinner. Somehow we always made it. “Get the hell out of the house and go play,” were the only words we heard.