One Day You Decide To Make These Healthy Lifestyle Changes

increasing ones lifespanWhat we’re constantly flooded with is advice when it comes to our well being. Do this but don’t do that to look younger. The endless bombardment of advice which focuses on better health, to feel more viral, to defy the aging process, promising to make you look like your high school grad picture.

There are claims to reverse the natural aging process of our mind and bodies, transforming, reversing our souls, skin, and bodily functions. The question remains if any of these various claims even work, turning us into skeptics.

Most will prey on our longevity because of the identified weakness that we all want to live longer, healthier, and look more youthful. We’re obsessed with focusing on better self-care and wellness.

If looking younger while extending one’s life were as easy as a face cream or popping a few supplements, then everyone would live until their 100, but that’s far from reality.

Defying age naturally does however have a few common denominators. What it also takes is time and commitment for adjustment, while finding the most effective ways. It all begins with making a few lifestyle changes, one wrinkle at a time.

Just Eat Better
There are a lot of illnesses and diseases out there that we can’t control or prevent, so all we can do is eat the best we can, which guards our inner and outer state of health.

A healthy balanced diet will boost your immune, which gives you a better fighting chance of battling these various infections, while reducing all the chronic medical problems once we grow older.


So eat a variety of healthy foods including lean meats, healthy whole grains, Omega-3 rich fish, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating bland, or needing to cut out any major food groups.

Research shows that the compounds found in fruits and vegetables have age defying benefits, giving you healthier skin and hair, along with a stronger immune system.

Although eating healthy is important, it’s also found that having that slice of cake, that glass of wine, or other foods which are not as healthy, on occasion and in moderation, can reduce stress, so enjoy them as well.

Exercise Regularly
Regular exercising remains the best way to becoming healthier, happier, and looking younger, so a routine physical activity program is mandatory. The proof is obvious.

Routine exercising decreases the risk of most illnesses, from diabetes to obesity to cardiovascular diseases. It’s found that just 2 1/2 hours of moderate exercise or 1 1/4 of intense exercise per week, can extend your life by approximately 4 years.

So before you make up excuses, force yourself to make regular exercise a habit. Begin small and then work your way up. It’s a definite adjustment to your lifestyle, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it a life altering experience.

Chill Out Relax More
Mindful exercises such as meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques such as deep breathing is known to greatly reduce stress and anxiety by clearing the mind, this while improving happiness and creativity.

What doing so does is it promotes focus, better decision making, while improving productivity. In the fast accelerating lifestyle we live in, as technology, society, and the increasing cost of living results in dangerous levels of anxiety on our already stressful lives, they eventually affect your health.

Relaxation techniques will clear your mind, teaching you how to control your external stress. There are a variety of methods available, and most just take 10 minutes of your time a day. Improving your mindfulness will extend your life.

Show Gratitude
Be thankful for your life and everyone you know who contributes to it. Offer your spare time to volunteer, give your effort to a good cause, something that you believe in, as doing so has proven to have a positive impact on your life.


Not only should you do things which affects you physically, but your emotional and mental health are just as important. It’s found that volunteering your time is an effective way to show gratitude which improves your outlook.

Doing so can reduce your anxiety and moodiness, improve your social life and self confidence, all which contributes to improving your overall state of health. Improving your self-esteem has proven to make you feel younger, helping you live a more fulfilled life.

Active Social Life
A life full of social interaction with a host of friends, networking with them has proven to be one of the best ways to increasing emotional fulfillment, while turning your back on the clock of aging.

What having solid reliable friends does is reduce stress, increases confidence and happiness, while helping you make positive life choices. What friends do is challenge you to get better, giving you strength.

Although work and family takes up the majority of our time, what you also need is to reserve some time and effort to improve your emotional health and well-being, this by spending time with your friends.

What social connections does is they’ll fulfill you in ways that material things can’t. The support and kinship which those close to you can do is affect how you deal with difficult situations, navigating the obstacles in your life from friendly advice.

Become More Intimate
There are countless studies which confirms the direct correlation between being intimate and longevity. Studies show that those who are partnered up and enjoy the luxury of intimacy, increased their life expectancy compared to those who were alone.

Intimate activities also demands certain levels of physical exertion along with cardiovascular benefits. Those individuals who comply to this will also often sleep better, experience less stress, enjoy better self-esteem, and general overall life satisfaction.

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