Steps On How To Use Better Self Control And Restraint In Your Life

someone who is using self controlIndividuals by their very nature will first act on Impulse, without thinking or using restrain. There are those who are not able to control themselves under any situation, as they’ll constantly purchase items which they don’t need or will never use, drink and smoke to excess, overeat on bad unhealthy foods.

The worse however are the random fits of rage which can turn into bouts of anger over usually the smallest of issues or annoyances. Who really hasn’t had the urge to just fly off the handle and smack some smart-ass jerk in the face. Yet, most of us have enough self restrain not to do so, otherwise, we know there will be unwanted consequences which cannot be taken back.

The majority of us will continuously struggle with our self-control issues on a daily basis. It’s just part of being human not to do so, and at times it can become exhausting. That’s why it becomes difficult to resist that huge chunk of chocolate cake at the end of a hard stressful day.

So if you happen to gobble it down before anyone ever finds out or knows, and you feel no guilt, that’s your current mindset on what your actual reservations are on practicing self-control.

There are studies which show how individuals who are under duress for prolonged periods of time, and may become worn down, have less self-control over themselves.

One experiment had hungry participants in front of a plate full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but were asked not to eat any. Later, these same individuals demonstrated a lot more aggressive behavior once they received any negative feedback from someone.

When Your Self-Control Takes A Beating
So think how the same scenarios under different circumstance often occur in your daily life. If there is a rather nagging boss at work, and you’re being constantly subjected to their petty “office politics” agenda, this will eventually force you to make some changes in either your work habits or at home.


You have no other option than to just nod your head, “Yes, sir.” You put up with their biased remarks, and then do what you’re told without raising question.

The counter effect to this mild abuse is that you may indulge in that extra chocolate bar at lunch, or begin sniping at your significant other, or begin blaming your kids over pointless or ridiculous comments over dinner.

So even though you kept your self-control in check the entire day at work, all that pent up aggression is let loose later at someone else expense. Other consequences can be overeating, excess shopping or drinking, or anything else that’s not truly intended.

Or, while you’re disciplined regarding sticking to your healthy diet for weeks, the “cause and effect” of frustration may impulsively force you to eat an entire bag of potato chips, or a bag full of donuts, just to get even at someone or something.

But if you use a bit of self-control, although reacting can make you feel a lot better, calmer, and more satisfied, controlling yourself is the key when the stress levels do elevate, and think of indulging in the temptations which always presents itself.

Ways To Improve Your Self Control
Think Of The Reason “Why”
Once you stop yourself and think about “why” you’re about to do something, then you should be able to exert better self-control, as well as persisting longer at a task, rather than thinking about “how” to do something.

For instance, if you think “why” you’re not about to eat that entire pizza, since you want to remain thin and healthy, you’re then dedicating yourself to strengthening your self-control.

You can then be able to resist better control than if you just think “how” you’re going to avoid eating that pizza by just eating salad instead. Once you know the end result or consequences, rather than just the means, then you’re more than likely to stop yourself, and put down that pizza slice, simultaneously building up your personal restrain.

Stop And Take A Time Out
We’re constantly facing issues which will test our self-control. So make sure that you take some time out on a daily basis to protect yourself from this constant bombardment of temptation, by simplifying your choices.

If you’re at your local grocery store and about to buy laundry detergent, make sure that you always buy the same brand that your familiar with. Doing so will reduce the stress which is associated with the decision making process, which can test your self-control.


Make sure that you set time out on a daily basis for some dedicated “quiet time.” During this time, take deep soothing breaths, and then allow your thoughts to flutter peacefully, but don’t react to them. Once all of your reserves of self-control become depleted, then you’ll need the time as well as space to refill yourself.

Change How You Think By Practicing Self Control
If you’re right handed, try using your left hand to operate your mouse, brush your hair or teeth, pour juice, or anything else which is safe to do using your less dominant hand. Try this for a few weeks. What this takes and involves is self-control.

As you practice this as well as being persistent about it, you’ll then become a lot more disciplined and restrained, and more capable of handling or solving all the other irritants which are thrown your way.

Even if you do something subtle like consciously decide to change your posture, helps you to better exercise restrain. So if you’re aware that your shoulders are always slumping, practice sitting up straighter. This will help in strengthening your self-control, while you remaining calm as well as controlled, even when under pressure.

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