The Art Of The Attraction Begins With A Strong Will Of Desire

what you need is desire and focusThe forefathers of this movement who contributed to attraction and abundance, all unilaterally stated that the starting point, the beginning of any type of achievement is that you need to have the ultimate desire, the drive to do so.

It’s been said that impulse and desire are required to achieve any degree of greatness in life. Otherwise, any obstacles which an individual may come across, regardless of their prominence will be delayed in their tracks. They won’t usually reach their intended goal which they’ve set out for themselves.

But once someone who has this burning desire, persistence and a blueprint of attack, who’s displayed obsession for achievement can go to any lengths until they succeed. These the first steps to take towards infinite attraction and abundance.

It’s been recounted that there are numerous stories of everyday common people with little means, who when facing seemingly insurmountable odds, has came out ahead, victorious. So the core foundation appears to be understanding how focused desire can change an individuals fate.

On Consuming Obsession
So there are accounts of high achieving individuals who’s achieved greatness, such as one individual who had a single consuming obsession in his life, and that was to become a business partner with the worlds great inventor of his era.

So extraordinary was his desire of becoming a business associate that he boarded a freight train, went cross country vagabond, this because he couldn’t afford to pay the fare.

Upon arriving, he made his way straight to the inventors office and then presented himself, asking for the opportunity to become his business partner. The inventor, being extremely impressed with the individuals determination, decided to give him an opportunity to work in his office for an extremely nominal wage.

He then worked with great passion and eagerness, on the ground floor while never giving up his desire. He waited for his opportunity, years, and it finally answered in the form of a newly invented product which was ahead of its time.

The other salesman in the office were not really that excited or interested about this new product. They all thought the new invention had no future and thus the selling it of would be extremely difficult.

This individual, however, knew that he could implement a marketing plan to sell the product, and suggested so to the inventor, who eventually agreed. He then began selling the product making it a huge success, and then went on to become his partner on new product development.

He became so successful that he was given a contract to exclusively distribute and market the product nationally. Their business grew so exponential that their fame spread nationwide.

What all this came down to was the individuals focus, and the original intense desire being so strong that he was able to achieve exactly what he set out for, never looking back.

So Stop Wishing
So what’s realized is that just wishing about something won’t make a person successful or rich, but one must passionately desire this success and richness with a strong dedicated state of focus, then take action.

What’s also needed is an executable blueprint on a defined method and the means to acquiring that goal, while never recognizing failure but rather persisting with a one track mind towards achieving it.

What needs to realize is that to have any success, you need to set a plan that’s feasible and then work on the steps of the plan daily. It’s a well known fact that you’ll reap what you sow.

Know that every great leader, every top achieving businessman, every successful actor are all dreamers first. In fact, it’s thought that their dreams are so intense that they’re able to see their dreams in spiritual form, this before they’re able to transpire it into actual physical form.

It’s also known that if you don’t vision abundance in your imagination and dreams, then you’ll never see them form in their actuality, your bank balance.


The Attraction Process
Anyone who’s ever studied this proven approach of goal setting achievement knows that there’s specific details which you should be taking, the first step being that the plan be laid out as specific as possible.

What these specifics include is the actual completion date of the goal, and the exact daily plan for detailed execution. You devise an exact plan which will increase your sales, for instance, by building small bridges which will then lead towards the full attainment of your overall objective.

Getting Exactly What You Want
Some claim that the process is easy to manifest. What this natural law of order conforms to is it will always respond to your personal vibration without fail. Your precise vibration and the strength of it is governed by whatever it is that you think about, and how you feel.

So the key is getting as detailed as you can in your particular goal while setting specifics for each task. Then the universe will take over and respond to those thoughts, taking into account your feelings and the ultimate degree of desire that you have to do so.

Then by staying exactly on track and being focused on your outcome while feeling completely positive about your goal, without feeling any doubt, then the attainment of that goal is yours as what you’re doing is super charging the attraction process.

So as long as don’t feel any sense of negativity, as having even an ounce, a trace of doubt will knock it back down to ground zero, then you’ll be forced to start over again.

But once you refine this process, then goal setting of this type becomes easier while generating steam and willpower. All that’s required is a singular thinking forward focused desire to do so.

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