The Best Of Christmas Music 2010

Here is our list of the best of Christmas music album releases for 2010. There are a lot of quality Christmas music available this year, so we saved, listened to and bookmarked, so you don’t have to. Hope you enjoy our list of the best sounding Christmas music available.

To make your busy hectic life even easier this Christmas, the recordings have been ranked accordingly, from the best to the not so great, but that is our opinion only. If you are into new and traditional Christmas music, you will want to load these onto your iPod or MP3 player and enjoy.

Pink Martini – Joy to the World
There is really no better way to belt out traditional favorites such as “Joy to the World’, then how this Portland based orchestra like band, shakes and breaks out the Xmas tunes. They also feature “White Christmas”, “Santa Baby” and has a glorious angel like voice, producing a good beat.

This modern holiday recording are for those who were not raised on Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. There is also the fantastic “Elohai, N’tzor”, which is sung in Hebrew, as well as “Congratulations—A Happy New Year Song”, featuring a tasteful flamenco guitar. If you’re looking to buy one xmas recording this Christmas, make it this one.

Jackie Evancho – O Holy Night
Something’s just not right here, that this 10 or 11 year old Jackie Evancho managed to get a major label recording contract. Because by rights, she should be sitting on Santa Claus’ knee and asking for a Miley Cyrus’ “Hanna Montana” CD instead. She being thrust into the spot light so young, may be riding the same train wreck headed towards Britney Spears town before she’s 16 years old. But there is no denial that this America’s Got Talent cast off is a child prodigy with some serious, serious, angel like chops.

Annie Lennox – A Christmas Cornucopia
And on the complete flip side of Jackie Evancho, we introduce to you, Annie Lennox. What she has done with her perfect, yet unique voice is recorded a series of traditional Christmas hymns, with an original song also enclosed. So whether you believe in the Great Pumpkin, or that big fat dude with a beard, or celebrate the true meaning of Noël with full faith, the songs enclosed in this album will please you.

Various Artists – Christmas’ Greatest Hits 2 Album
Looking for a great Christmas pot luck smorgasbord of Xmas music that actually has taste? This collection of new and traditional Christmas music, features a play list similar to what you would probably put together yourself, and be proud of. This album features a bit of ABBA, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a bit of Bryan Adams, and Bob/Doug Mckenzie. Well, maybe, you can do better.

The Cast Of Glee – Glee: The Christmas Album
Tacky and full of fructose is the cheesy duet between Kurt and Blaine singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, projects the wide-eyed wonder of a baby reindeer whacked out on eggnog. K.d. Lang is also featured singing “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. There’s a bit of Rachel and the rest of the Geeks err… Glee gang belting out Christmas songs.

Susie Arioli – Christmas Dreaming
Montreal native Susie Arioli fortunately seems to be getting better. And as compared to some other releases, this does not seem like a holiday cash grab. Christmas Dreaming is definitive proof that Susie is one of Canada’s greatest singers.

Susan Arioli delivers beautifully relaxed traditional songs of classic musical Christmas treats such as: Winter Wonderland, Blue Christmas, and “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”. She also goes a little country with a Christmas tune by Roger Miller, “Old Toy Trains”, as well as a sweet Argentine number, and favorite “Ave Maria”. You will enjoy Christmas Dreaming not just for Christmas 2010, but whenever the weather outside seems frightful.

Susan Boyle – The Gift
Susan Boyle gets the love from around the world because of how she was discovered, and she also has a great to decent voice. Everyone wants to pull for the underdog like her. But nothing renders her myriad of crimes against good taste in this album. Mind you, who ever produced this album should shoulder the blame for The Gift instead.

The problem is the selection of songs, such as “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed and “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, by Crowded House. Uhhhh… Hello Susan, they are not Christmas songs; they’re pop songs. They are not even sacred hymns, and the choral orchestral backing only sucks the life out of them altogether. Also, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has been so abused and overdone to the point it may as well be Canada’s national anthem. She is overdone and overexposed and should be led gently out to pasture.


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