The Gaps You Need To Fill Towards Your Journey On Aging Well

planning your lifeWhat life does is becomes a vacuum once you grow into adulthood, hit thirty, and the years melt away like butter on toast. Then suddenly you’re turning fifty. No one tells you how to get there, as it’s your duty as an adult, to set the foundation for a fulfilling life well lived.

We all struggle out of high school facing the unknown, the rigid structure of discipline being gone. We are free to do what we want. To find a job, which propels us to make a living, this based on how well we learned education. Then we think, is that it, is that all there is.

As we approach our thirties, as the years vanish by, we hopefully establish our careers. We hopefully get married, and start a family.

If not, the road becomes rocky once you hit middle age, as disillusion sets in, that you’re a failure at life, something’s deficit, this regardless of how smart or how rich you are.

Waking Up To Awareness
There’s a certain awareness, a teeter-totter balance which hits you once you reach the ripe age of fifty. Where has the years slipped by. Fifty is a milestone, where you calculate then take inventory of your life.

A successful career, check, a loving spouse, check, successful independent children, check, home ownership, check, planning for retirement, check.

So if you’re in your thirties, take assessment of your life right now, this to avoid disappointment once the snapping jaws of old age bites.

Reconnect With Your Parents
You want independence from their grasp as a teenager, so you escape them to do your own thing. The purse strings are cut to become lost or found, to find your own way, to sink or swim.

It becomes easy to drift apart from our parents and our siblings. So find the courage in your proactive adult heart, to reestablish connection with them.

Learn to forgive and forget, as once you hit 50 and beyond, you will regret it, so reach back and tell them everything’s fine, that you’ll be there as they grow older.

Build, rebuild or maintain this relationship, prioritize reconnecting with your parents. Growing old, looking back, and then having regrets is one of the most cruel things that could happen to you.

Write it off as tough love, and pick up the phone and have that talk. Parents, you also need to tell your kids, you’re sorry.

Save Money
If you haven’t already started, then start saving money right now. The days of living paycheck to paycheck, excess partying until you hurl, are over.

The sooner that you start saving the better. One day, you’re going to need your own self-made safety net to fall back on, a retirement fund to live off, this when you’re no longer able to work, and no one cares.

This may seem a long time away, but the more you save today, the better your quality of life will be when older.

Buy Property
The best investment to direct your money towards is buying property. Buy yourself a house, as your biggest debt in life should be a mortgage. If you buy a house before you’re 30, then by 60, you’ll have most of it paid off.

Owning your own property is infinitely better than flushing rental money towards a landlord every month, who’s laughing straight to the bank, wondering why you’re so dense.


They’re not making anymore land, so property prices are constantly on the rise over time. On average, it’s estimated that your house will be worth 3 times more than what you paid for it, this once you reach your retirement years.

What buying a house means is that you’re not only taking care of your future, but you’re also making sure that you and your family has a roof over your head, while passing the investment down generations.

Blog Your Life Experiences
There’s nothing greater than documenting your life, this so you have proof, this so you can look back on it years later, this to justify what you’ve accomplished, how much you’ve grown, how well you’ve aged.

Make sure you write down the dates of your biggest accomplishments. The day you met your soulmate and fell in love, the day you got married. The day your kids were born, the day you bought the house, the day you got that dream job.

If at all possible, focus on the positives, as we all have hardships and loss in life. Just make note of the good things which happened in your life, things grateful to look back on, proof that your destination was fulfilling.

Develop Lifelong Friendships
As you grow older, those true lifelong friends who traveled the journey of life with you, those friends that you’ve experienced the joys and the sorrows of life with, keep in contact with them.

Nothing in life is ever perfect, so dedicate yourself to fix all wrongs, learn how to apologize. If you don’t make amends now, you’ll just end up old, bitter, and lonely. No one will visit you at the old folks home you’re stationed at.

So repair and treasure everyone that you know in your life right now, your friends, family, and especially your children, as you’ll forever be grateful.

Always Be Nice
You want to look back at your life and know that you did the right things. It begins with resolving past wrongs, showing gratitude while wanting to help others. Start this journey of recovery right now, this by you reaching out your hand first.

There will be a point in your life when you begin to look back instead of forward. To construct a life that you can be proud of, live to forgive.

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