5 Healing Properties Of Garlic For Better Health

What’s known throughout the medical community is that the simple garlic clove has extreme benefits when it comes to healing, this for almost any type of ailment. What consuming garlic does is it seeps it’s effectiveness into every organ and pore of the human body.

It’s now medically recognized how effective that garlic is to naturally curing whatever ails you.

It’s one of the oldest known medicinal plants in existence that’s used for a variety of illnesses, anywhere from fighting off colds to reducing the risk of heart disease.

If garlic had been developed under clinical laboratory conditions, instead of being a product of mother nature, it would be classified as a highly effective, highly priced “cure all” prescription drug.

The fact remains that garlic is one of the oldest plants that’s been used for medicinal purposes, this for at least 3,000 years, possibly longer.

Until recently, its benefits were considered to be folklore, a wives tale.

Now according to various reports in actual medical journals, garlic is mentioned by name as an effective therapeutic property.

How effective it is and how it works, has been described in over 1,000 scientific studies.

Cooking with garlic has been the most popular form, as it adds zing and a taste snap to any dish, while the health benefits remained a secondary reason until now.

5 Health Benefits Of Garlic

Recently, there’s been dedicated studies based on the medicinal effectiveness of garlic as a beneficial health source.

What’s found is its ability to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, while offering protection against heart disease and stroke.

1.) – Protects The Liver From Toxic Substances
What concentrated garlic does is it activates the cells of the liver, which in turn protects it from any toxic substances attempting to violate it, while simultaneously rejuvenating and promoting its normal functioning.

2.) – Improves Blood Circulation
Allicin, which is an organosulfur compound, and the beneficial substance that’s obtained from garlic once it’s heated. Another substance that’s known as ajoene is then formed.

What the ajoene substance has, is a suppressive effect on thrombi along with lowering blood cholesterol, making it effective for the treatment of thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

3.) – Regulates Proper Stomach Function
What allicin is also capable of doing is it promotes the secretion of gastric juices, this by stimulating the mucous membranes in the stomach.

It also combines with proteins which reduces excessive activity in the stomach.

Allicin is also capable of regulating the better functioning of the stomach, this by activating the large intestine, which in turn cures gastric issues such as constipation and diarrhea.


4.) – Promotes Insulin Secretion
The active biological healing component that’s found in garlic, does is it combines with thiamine (vitamin B1) to promote the improved function of the pancreas, which results in improved insulin secretion.

Fresh raw garlic is also found to be effective in the prevention along with the cure of diabetes, which is caused by the defective functioning of the pancreas and a lack of insulin.

5.) – Regulates Better Blood Circulation
Since garlic is able to stimulate the brain nerves along with controlling the proper functioning of the heart, the end effect is that it stabilizes blood pressure.

It’s also capable of dissolving cholesterol along with the accumulation of fatty substances that resides inside the blood vessels, which refreshes the blood and cells inside the body.

Consuming Garlic

There’s constant scientific testing and mounting evidence which magnifies the various health benefits that’s derived from consuming garlic on a daily basis.

Routine intake is found to do the following:

• It’s capable of lowering total cholesterol levels while raising the good HDL cholesterol
• It produces more of the “natural killer” cells in the blood which tackles infections and tumors, while lowering blood pressure
• It reduces the risk of blood clots which is the primary trigger for sudden heart attacks and stroke
• Garlic is capable of destroying most infections by eliminating viruses and bacteria that’s associated with the common cold

The Medical Prevention Benefits Of Garlic

The first scientific “white paper” to study garlic and its effectiveness on major illness, was performed over 70 years ago.

What was injected was the active ingredient that’s found in garlic, allicin, into mice suffering from major illness.

The mice which received the injection survived for a period of 6 months longer than those who didn’t receive the injection, who survived just 2 months.

Tips For Cooking Garlic

Garlic is classified as both a vegetable and a herb.

It can now also be found in a variety of products ranging anywhere from ice cream, supplements, to dry rubs.

The versatility of this herb appears endless.

• Before cooking, remove all of the exterior skin of the clove. This can be done by striking the broad side of the bulb, or by using a rubber garlic rolling tube.

• After removing the skin, eat raw, or select a cooking method which will result in the appropriate flavor that’s desired. It’s found that sauteing can create a delicate nutty savory taste, poached to creating a mild distinct flavor.

Roasting the entire garlic clove in the oven will also bring out its nutty flavor, along with a caramelized quality. It can also be fried in olive oil to create a crisp exterior, or grilled to create a smoky flavor.

• Garlic is extremely sensitive to heat as it will burn easily, this especially when sauteing. Expose the garlic to heat once the oil begins to sizzle and then remove it. When cooking garlic with onions, cook the onions first, as they’ll take longer to cook.

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