10 Personality Types Of Women When It Comes To Relationships

Like anything else in life, what everyone’s attracted to is the physical packaging first. So it’s no surprise that men will initially look for physical beauty in a woman. Someone who’s beautiful is the ideal feature for him. What’s not known however, is the personality that drives her engine.

What he first sees are all the curves in all the right places, a pretty face, that sparkle in her eye or her magnetic aura.

These are all excellent attributes that will draw him in.

But once the relationship is well under way, is when there’s true disclosure.

This is when he finds out what your true personality is. That you may not quite be who he thought you were, or was hoping for.

This is when he might suddenly bolt, hurt or dump you when you least expect it, as your claws come out.

What most men however, will do is overlook certain personality disorders to get what he wants. So what you need to know, is what your personality type is.

1.) – Just Too Sensitive

You’re far too sensitive, as everything and everyone in life hurts you.

You cry a lot as every well intended criticism or innocent comment upsets you.

When dating, all he’s doing is constantly apologizing to you, thinking he did or said something wrong.

He’s scared to say anything off key, inappropriate, or sarcastic.

Everything wrong becomes his fault, including how despair your life is.

You’re not that happy, and mental and physical issues arise as a result.

2.) – Go Fish

You are elusive, you are the type of girl who’s afraid to start a relationship.

You’re most likely hurt from past failures, broken relationships, so you subconsciously avoid jumping back into the pool.

So you sabotage anything promising.

You appear to be interested at the beginning, but will suddenly dive into the deep end, and will run away once the relationship has any hint of becoming serious.


3.) – You’re Such A Downer Girl

He is first attracted by your edginess.

But after a while, what you’ll do is make him feel bad about himself, you constantly tear into him and put him down, usually for no reason.

It appears that you can never be happy, as everything around you seems to be an absolute drag.

Even if something good happens to him, you’ll make him feel it’s a bad thing that he doesn’t deserve.

4.) – You Are Too Overly Controlling

What you want is to have complete control over the relationship, which usually stems from a low self-esteem.

You want to control everything that he does, wears, or eats.

If he ever attempts to tell you anything, to do anything, you become angry, defensive, you might begin to cry, begin to scream.

You will use every tactic in your arsenal until he backs off, or does what you say.

5.) – You Are A Materialistic Girl

You are beautiful and you know it. You have the goods, you are the complete package.

You dress well and are socially conditioned.

Your sole motive is you’re a money hunter, a gold digger.

All you look for are boys with deep wallets and fast flashy cars.

You expect him to finance your entire life, this just because you’re biologically a perfect female.

You will insist on a prenup, or all bets are off.

You’re extremely friendly at the beginning to hook your man in, but it becomes apparent over time that regardless of how much “love” he gives you, all you want are material things.

You are completely greed personified.

You’re only interested in what you want, and you don’t care about his feelings.

6.) – You Are Always Angry

When he first meets you, he thinks you have spunk.

But he then eventually discovers you are the type of girl, who views life as a constant battle, a competition.

Everything and anything that happens to you, you take it as an insult.

You have a poor opinion about everything including your man, as all you see are the negatives about him.

You’re always upset and angry about something.

You constantly take things out of context, to interpret and manipulate others.

7.) – You Are Insecure

You’re an extremely nice person, perhaps fragile and porcelain like.

You love and treat your man well, but what you suffer from is frustration.

You are constantly wracked by anxiety, this about making the wrong decisions.

You always need to think twice about what to do.

You’re too picky about what you’re going to wear, where to go, or can’t decide what to eat.

What you need is constant reassurance that you’re pretty, as you worry incessantly.

8.) – You Are Kind Of Squirrely

You’re that girl, that social butterfly who loves to talk a lot, but you never say or do anything brilliant.

You constantly gossip about others for kicks.

Once things get serious and he’s wanting to talk something important with you, you become completely vacant, and not able to make conversation.

Yet, everything that’s not intellectual or serious, you’ll yak your mouth off, make great conversation and good jokes.

You are the life of the party, as you comment on everything that’s mundane.

9.) – You Are An Uptown Girl

You’re well off, you may be the “born with a golden spoon in your mouth” type.

Everything you have is always better than his, and you’ll let him know.

You are the classic “high maintenance” girl.

You are a snob and will only date the best of the crop.

Or, you might date someone slightly inferior then you, that way, all the focus will be on you.

You can be selfish, self-indulgent, the proverbial “daddy’s little girl.”

You need to constantly be the center of attention, regardless of what you do, where you go.

10.) – You Are Desperate

You are that girl who’s spent your entire life looking for that perfect situation, that perfect man.

Then suddenly, you realize you’re getting old and your eggs are drying up.

Yet, you’re not married yet, this because you haven’t met the perfect man, or your career is too important.

Then suddenly you desperately want to get married, this regardless of who the guy is or what he does.

You are now pressed by time and age, and are now willing to marry anyone who’s remotely marriage material.

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