True Grit – The Movie Reviewed With Preview Trailer

The Coen brothers are at it again continuing their epic journey into arcane American heroes in this remake of True Grit. This version an almost word for work, a carbon copy of the same original story. This going back to the novel written by Charles Portis, a writer still working in multiple genres. They have built a vehicle for yet another Jeff Bridges flick, in which he’ll make us forget that John Wayne originally played this role way back in 1969.

Bearded and wearing an eye patch, it’s not much of a stretch for Jeff Bridges, is excellent as Rooster Cogburn, an U.S. Marshal in the 1880s with a reputation for drinking heavy and being trigger happy. He encounters bad bandits and cowboy bystanders. So that suits a 14 year old Mattie, who is out to avenge the murder of her father by a no good rascal ranch hand named Chaney.

This is in contrast to a 20 or so year old Kim Darby in the original True Grit. So the newer younger Mattie has a profound effect on Cogburn as well as on a rival bounty hunter, a Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf. LaBoeuf is played by Matt Damon, which is an improvement on the original Glen Campbell, at least when his guitar isn’t twanging.

So this trio of cow folk head into Indian Territory, and have a series of adventures and encounters compliant with that era of time, some of it violent, others mysterious, and some even mordantly funny. The trio eventually run into another fellow in outlaw Ned Pepper, played by Barry Pepper, fitted with really really bad teeth.

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As expected, not too much goes according to plan with this group. Similar to the original Cogburn, John Wayne rambled about the indiscretions of his younger days and victims that he left in his wake. But the tobacco chewing, whiskey soaked Jeff Bridges carries himself like someone who knows he’s damned to hell, and suspects his reckoning may just lay around the next bend. Bridges’s Cogburn emerges as a transfixing figure.

True Grit takes its cues from Rooster, by showing cruel violent and unnervingly eloquent. The characters may be well defined by their disappointments, as this film excels in every respect.

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