How To Stop Being A Dysfunctional Person When Wronged

What we do is spend our lives in perpetual motion, constantly changing, trying to be a better person, attempting to do the right thing for humanity. We try to be nice, make others feel welcome and comfortable. But what the cruel element of dysfunction does, is interferes with our best intentions.

There’s this constant internal battle we fight on a daily basis. This war of good and despair.

The ego, too proud to admit we were wrong, where saying “sorry” does indeed appear to be the hardest word. We struggle with our mental faculties, as we mask our wrongdoings.

This is when living in your own skin becomes uncomfortable. You want to remain stable, you don’t want to break down, yet you don’t want to swallow your pride either.

Even if you begin to feel lonely, even if those closest to you are conspiring and separating from you, as your rational soul tells you you’re wrong, you still stubbornly hold back.

Know Your Water Level
What the science of reality tells us, is that water is always ground zero, the leveling point.

That what water always does, is finds its true medium. The ocean will rise and fall with the tide. Water will flood your basement, water will drown you without remorse.

Water is the most philosophical element we know, that compares to the state of our mind.

What it does is levels our thinking, tells us what’s right or wrong. If you dare to violate it, you will take on water and sink.

Surrender To The Guilt
Once you feel a sense of guilt, is when you know you’re in the wrong. The shame and the remorse you feel, the pain you sense in your most sacred relationships.

Being alone begins to envelope you, a feeling you can’t escape until you begin to do the right things.

People will give up on you. They will move away and will decide to live a better life, to avoid you, to not choose to live a dysfunctional life like yours.

You begin drifting further away from reality. Some offer their support, they reach with helping hands, until you become a lost cause.

So forge the broken relationships you once called your allies. Attract back the one’s who loved and respected you at one time.

Bridge The Gap
It’s up to you to take the plunge, in prying open the delusions regarding your relationships.

Delusions which includes self-imposed conditions, the need to get better. This begins with forgiving and forgetting, as this too will pass.


So do that work, as your ego isn’t your director. Learn to listen, communicate and then connect when there’s still time, to resolve whatever it is that went wrong.

Otherwise, you’ll risk falling further, and fail indefinitely.

The delusion also involves the belief the relationship needs to be repaired, while actually colluding to avoid the type of intimate sharing, which results in a real connection.

Making Self-imposed Conditions
It’s up to you to take the first step, so be brave, as this is real life in real time.

Make an agreement with yourself to change the pain that you live with, which festers within you. The anger you’re causing needs to stop.

You will cure yourself once you allow past bygones be bygones, by facing and fixing the damage your actions have caused.

So stop prizing yourself by pretending everything is okay, and the issues will fix themselves or they will eventually go away.

Realize your condition isn’t temporarily, as the underlying problems will persist.

The Issues Will Remain
What all of the underlying problems will do is keep coming back like a nightmare, in the form of outcomes which remain unacceptable for everyone concerned.

What this does is makes it impossible to pretend everything is okay, because eventually, what reality does is refuses to be denied of the truth.

To Forgive And To Repair
To successfully mend what’s broken in any type of relationship, only works by interactively repairing the wrong doings of the past.

It no longer matters who was at wrong, as it needs to be fixed, right now in the present moment.

Just pretending things are better now, without addressing the fundamental issues which are underlying the broken relationship, is dysfunction.

Fix the problem before things go completely off the rails, as this is a trap for repetition and rejection, whether silent or spoken.

What can also be unanimous is the decision not to get well, to remain the same, to stubbornly go down the same wrecking path you’re on.

There won’t be any sympathy, which will be lent to you.

The interactive repair which needs to take place is right now, so bite the bullet, bury the hatchet, intellectually remove the wrong.

The Need To Fix It Now
Arrive at a compromise, work to fix what was wronged. It needs to be your biggest mental growth spurt in your life.

Find the fortitude to put aside your pride, and commit yourself to find a process of actually recognizing and correcting the dysfunction.

Your bonded by blood, no one deserves the torture you’re putting your most loved ones through, just because of your arrogant egotistical nature, just let it go.

Not doing anything, not getting better is easier than getting well, forgiving, admitting you were wrong, or mistaken. Allow the water to pass under the bridge, and release the blockage that you’re causing in everyone’s life.

Getting well means tearing apart everything that’s comforting and familiar, which includes your self-image. A daunting process which appears threatening regardless of how bad, what’s been familiar has gotten. Realize it’s not worth it.