10 Stunning Often Bizarre Unknown Facts About Coffee

7. Coffee Ceremonies

There’s even worship for the mighty java bean, known as the Bunna or The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, which is a cultural and social ritual of preparing coffee, and then offering it to their guests and visitors. The ceremony begins with actually roasting fresh green beans, burning fragrant flowers to give it a pleasant aroma, and then pouring it into cups containing salt, sugar, or butter.

6. Coffee Addiction And Overdose

The main ingredient in coffee which is caffeine, could potentially prove to be toxic, this if excess unlimited amounts of strong coffee is drank. Caffeine is the active chemical which could make you ill if overdosed, which means having 10 or more cups of coffee. One case is a young girl who claimed to consume 7 double espressos, and suffered severe mood swings, heart palpitations, and hallucination.

5. Coffee Once A Banned Substance

When coffee was first introduced during the 17th century in England, it was actually a banned substance. One theory is that women believed that their men once ingesting caffeine were getting unfruitful, and that their masculine properties were slowly beginning to diminish. Coffee as a result was banned in a campaign known as “Thousands of Buxome Good Women Languishing in Extremity Want.”