10 Stunning Often Bizarre Unknown Facts About Coffee

4. Latte Art Latte Tasting

There’s are actual competitions where participants will smell and taste the different types of coffee offered, and then attempt to identify them as quickly as they can. What’s also developed is an art known as Latte and Coffee Tasting. There are now annual coffee tasting festivals around the world. The most common are designs on the surface of the coffee drinks, such as swirls, leaves, and cartoon characters.

3. Drinking Coffee When Pregnant

There’s a common belief which exists that pregnant women should refrain from drinking coffee, although there’s no substantial clinical proof that having several cups of coffee could do any actual harm to the woman or the baby. There’s also a belief that women who drinks less, or has no coffee at all, will have a smoother pregnancy along with healthier babies, which also doesn’t have substantial evidence.

2. Coffee Bean Recycling

Just 20% percent of the coffee bean contributes to giving its flavor and aroma, while the remaining 80% percent is useless. Scientists have been attempting to find better ways to utilize this coffee bean wastage, such as using the coffee grounds into create fuel pellets for energy. Another solution is using the coffee grounds to produce an alcoholic drink, this from fermenting the beans, and then distilling them through a process similar to producing whiskey.

1. Contaminated Coffee?

Other than fungal coffee rust disease, there are other toxic poisons that’s produced by the Aspergillus and Penicillium fungi, which are commonly found in the coffee plants, which could be life threatening. So there has been steps taken decades ago, to reduce the levels of the toxins they contain. A coffee drinker could potentially fall adversely ill, and suffer consequences because of these certain poisons which are found in the raw coffee bean.