10 Stunning Often Bizarre Unknown Facts About Coffee

The mighty coffee bean as a commodity is currently the second most traded worldwide. In most countries, coffee is the favorite hot beverage that’s loved by all.

Its acquired taste and the jolt it gives to the brain is what’s enjoyed. Coffee is the bonding substance which successfully connects people for chats in intimate cafes, this because of their “buzz” creating ability.

Coffee has become the beverage of choice, and most will consume regardless of the hefty price for a latte. As a result, this drink has become the most in demand and popular beverage, this regardless where you are in the world.

10. Coffee Is Big Business

Since coffee is the prized export in third world countries such as Kenya, it’s also responsible for the majority of crime in these countries. Coffee carries high currency, such as just a kilo of dried coffee beans could amount to a week’s salary. Coffee beans are stolen routinely, at times killing and robbing the farmers who grows them. More than 5 million people in Kenya alone, are dependent on coffee plantations, playing a key role in their economy.

9. What Is Coffee Rust

Coffee rust is a type of fungal disease that grows on coffee plants, and can destroy the entire plant completely. It’s the premier threat to the livelihood of farmers and the industry. The famous Arabica coffee bean is the most affected by this disease, which is commonly grown extensively in most coffee producing countries in the world.

8. Bees Attracted To Caffeine

Caffeine is actually toxic to slugs and pests, yet has a polar effect on bees. The caffeine in the coffee plants helps the memory of the bees, which sharpens and enhances their long term thinking. The caffeine also alters their brain chemistry, which allows them to return and remember the flower better.